Steven Sarao

Steven Sarao, a USC Linebacker

Emergency room doctor Steven Aks has developed a program which provides families of opioid overdose patients with naloxone kits and instructs them in its administration, with hopes that more doctors join this cause.

Navinder Sarao, living in his parents’ modest suburban London home, allegedly ran an automated trading algorithm which fraudulently created market distortions worth millions. Now he faces charges of fraud and commodities manipulation.

Early Life and Education

Sarao has an easygoing, relaxed demeanor and speaks candidly, both qualities that have earned him a stellar reputation as one of the premier private investigators in America. He runs his own investigations firm that specializes in background checks, executive protection, surveillance, hackensack and new York City locations as well as international affiliates in Tel Aviv Sao Paulo Milan.

Sarao was USC’s starting inside linebacker from 2013-14. In these seasons he totaled 158 tackles – 7.5 for losses with four sacks), 2 fumble recoveries, one forced fumble recovery and five deflections (he also won their Co-Lifter of the Year Award in 2014). Additionally he played special teams.

Professional Career

Atlantic County native Mike Sarao’s hair might have grown longer since graduating high school and his 235-pound frame may have become slightly more muscular, yet he still flies around the field with ease and is the leader of USC’s linebackers corps. Other players turn to him for advice.

With Hayes Pullard having left and Lamar Dawson still recovering from injury that cut short his 2014 campaign, Sarao has found himself as the anchor for Pete Sirmon’s Trojans, and he seems at home as their midfielder.

Sarao demonstrates a relaxed yet professional demeanor when conducting private investigations for his private investigation firm, which has been hired by international clients to perform background investigations and executive protection since 1989.

Achievement and Honors

As a redshirt freshman in 2012, Sarao was an often-utilized linebacker and special teams player. He started one game, against Hawaii, racking up 40 tackles (4.5 for losses), 2 sacks, 1 deflection, and recovering a fumble.

Two years later, he made headlines again by illegally manipulating stock prices using an illegal program which enabled him to place fake buy and sell orders at lightning speed, thus misleading high-frequency traders into thinking the price was going up or down. He was later charged with securities fraud and faces a maximum prison term of 380 years; his firm offers background checks, executive protection services, surveillance solutions and executive protection services.

Net Worth

Former colleagues remember Sarao for his frugal nature and refusal to spend money lavishly on luxurious cars or watches, refusing to take more than half of his profits as his share. At meetings with tax lawyers he would show up wearing T-shirts and sweatpants with paperwork in a Tesco bag containing his paperwork.

He made millions through enhancing the software used to develop his programmer’s software and was arrested in England on 22 counts of fraud and commodities manipulation including “spoofing”, which involves placing buy and sell offers or orders that never actually get executed. He has since pled guilty to these charges.

He was released from prison in November after a judge agreed that his cooperation and Asperger’s syndrome warranted less than thirty years. His conditions of release include an electronic tag, home confinement and surrendering his passport as well as that of both parents, along with reporting to police three times weekly.

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