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Steven Spielberg and Steven Satter

Wells Fargo accused Satter of aiding an exodus of financial advisors with $1.2 billion worth of combined assets from Wells Fargo into DayMark Wealth Partners, a new investment firm.

Satter was interrogated about the deceased by Sheriff Berg without first receiving Miranda warnings and after being assured by him that their discussion would remain strictly confidential, Satter offered information freely.

Early Life and Education

Steven Allan Spielberg is an American film director and producer, best known for helming over 40 films during his career, including action thrillers grossing more than $4 billion worldwide and winning numerous awards and recognition for their success.

Satter asserts he is entitled to habeas relief because his claim of insufficient evidence was not exhausted during state court proceedings as required by the double jeopardy clause, yet such exhaustion has not taken place under federal law; accordingly, we find no grounds for retrial here. The district court made this clear. This Court agrees.

Professional Career

As an internationally recognized expert in messaging and spokesperson training, Satter equips CEOs, CFOs, and senior executives for high stakes media/public affairs situations such as initial public offerings (IPO), shareholder meetings, regulatory hearings, hostile takeovers or hostile takeovers. He has extensive experience managing crises both for public entities and large private-sector lifeline critical infrastructure organizations.

Satter’s expertise extends well beyond public affairs activities; he has been an instrumental member of Missouri and Kansas regional critical infrastructure planning teams as a primary contributor in protection and resiliency planning processes for major multi-state regional infrastructure assets. Through outreach activities with multiple private lifeline agencies he facilitated discussion, planning, information sharing to increase protection levels and strengthen resiliency capabilities of this major critical infrastructure stakeholders.

Wells Fargo filed suit in Ohio federal court alleging Satter helped seven advisers with over $1.4 billion in assets leave its Kenwood branch and establish DayMark Wealth Partners, using Wells Fargo “trade secrets, privileged and confidential information” to assist their departure and start up DayMark Wealth Partners RIA.

Personal Life

Satter is married and has two children. He currently resides in Massachusetts where he serves as executive director for Jack Satter House, a 266-unit HUD-subsidized senior living community. Additionally, Satter is also an active member of Rotary Club of Revere.

Satter’s habeas petition asserts a federal due process claim under 28 U.S.C SS 2254 and asserts that his state court made an error by failing to consider his arguments of insufficient evidence supporting depraved mind element of murder conviction as well as self-defense claim.

Wells Fargo Advisors has asked a court for permission to question, under oath, an in-house lawyer from Wells Fargo Advisors that used his inside knowledge of WFA’s legal strategy to assist RIAs who left WFA and later established DayMark Wealth Partners; an independent RIA located a few miles from Kenwood office allegedly violating non-solicitation and contract obligations by taking confidential client lists as well as internal documents with them to DayMark Wealth Partners allegedly taking confidential client lists and internal documents as well as violating non-solicitation obligations and contracts.

Net Worth

Satter received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University before earning both his M.B.A. and J.D. degrees at Harvard. Having served as partner in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking division for 16 years, Satter now heads up Satter Investment Management as well as Satter Family Foundation.

His philanthropic efforts are concentrated primarily in Chicago. Together with his wife Kristen, they support organizations focused on education reform, conservative policies, and global development – and are primary backers of New Schools for Chicago which establishes and supports charter schools within its borders.

Wells Fargo Advisors recently filed suit alleging that Satter assisted brokers from its Kenwood, Ohio branch to leave and launch independent RIA DayMark Wealth Partners against their employment agreements. In addition, The Satter Foundation supports Room to Read which strives to promote literacy development worldwide.

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