Steven Wasser

Steven Wasser – Entrepreneur, Musician, and Musician

Steven Wasser is an esteemed businessman with extensive knowledge in art, music, and education. Since 1986 when he acquired Verne Q Powell Flutes from Verne Powell himself – in effect creating the Stradivarius of flute world.

He currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Strategy to MBA students at SUNY New Paltz and facilitates the Upstate Capital CEO peer group.

Early Life and Education

Steven Wasser was raised in a musical family and began playing reed instruments as a child. Later he went on to study both music and business at college level before merging them by purchasing Powell flute Company.

He has represented several celebrity clients in divorce litigation proceedings, such as Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and Kirk Kerkorian. Additionally, he has published and lectured extensively on family law topics.

He graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from Washington and Lee University and later joined Penn State’s Development team, where his primary responsibility is securing leadership support from alumni, parents and friends of the University. He currently resides in Lexington with his wife Sommer and their four children.

Professional Career

Steven Wasser has been active in business for more than three decades, beginning with his purchase of Verne Q Powell Flutes company in 1986 and turning it into the Stradivarius of flutes by increasing quality and offering innovative new products. Today, he is teaching Entrepreneurship and Strategy courses to MBA students at SUNY New Paltz.

Facilitator of the Upstate Capital Association of New York. He brings extensive business expertise and has experience leading CEO peer groups.

In 2018, he became the College of Arts and Architecture’s inaugural Arts Entrepreneur in Residence, working closely with students to workshop their art business ideas. Additionally, he taught upperclass and MBA students entrepreneurship at SUNY New Paltz; additionally, he served as an adjunct professor at Hult International Business School for many years.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Wasser is an active participant of various business groups including Vistage Groups and has served as Facilitator for Upstate Capital. Additionally, he lectures at SUNY New Paltz as well as owning Powell Flutes Inc which produces reed instruments with seven patents held and 67% export sales.

In 2017, he donated to Penn State University’s Palmer Museum his collection of paintings and prints by American Jewish artists created during the 1930s, which centered around how these artists perceived America as their new homeland.

He currently sits on the board of directors for Lyric Stage of Boston, as well as being part of Berklee School of Music Presidential Advisory Board. Additionally, he currently resides in Pipersville Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.

Personal Life

Steven Wasser was born into a musical family of woodwind players and began working in music stores during his adolescent years, spending after-school and weekend jobs often in repair shops – an experience which gave him a deep-seated passion for tools and the way things operate.

In 1986, he purchased the Verne Q Powell Flutes company and revitalized it, improving instrument sound quality while developing innovative new products resulting in numerous patents.

John also represented numerous Hollywood celebrities in their divorce proceedings, such as Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood. Additionally, he represented baseball star David Justice in a palimony suit and represented Kirk Kerkorian in an embezzlement case negotiation negotiations.

In 2017, Wasser donated his extensive collection of 1930s Jewish American art to Penn State’s Palmer Museum of Art – this artifacts explore how newcomers viewed America.

Net Worth

Laura Wasser is a celebrity divorce attorney known for charging high fees. She specializes in solving cases for those of high net worth while shielding them from media scrutiny, representing such high profile clients as singer Stevie Wonder, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds as well as working closely with celebrity attorney Johnnie Cochran on numerous cases involving women of note.

Though she has found success as a divorce attorney, she remains unmarried herself despite having two children from past relationships with men she once dated. She does not intend on marrying again as once was enough for her; and boasts a net worth of $10 Million thanks to her career success.

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