Steven Whitten

The Life of Steven Whitten

Steve was an extremely selfless individual who never let an opportunity to help others pass him by. He served as United Way Chair, and would always offer to volunteer at the annual Christmas Rotary Auction.

Ervin Whitten of Duncan is survived by his wife Vina; children Erin and Daniel; grandchildren Aden and Jackson. Additionally he leaves behind numerous aunts and uncles.

Early Life and Education

Steven Whitten was born in Duncan, Oklahoma in 1949 and attended the University of Oklahoma where he received both bachelors and masters degrees. Over his career he participated in many projects related to business and the community.

He also served as past United Way Chair and member of the Rotary Club of Duncan. A generous and humble person, he always looked out for the wellbeing of others.

One day while walking along the beach with his wife, he noticed an unpleasant stench. They became immediately intrigued and decided to contact an expert who could inspect this object closely. Soon enough, men in hazmat suits arrived at their home – soon thereafter discovering an unbelievable discovery!

Professional Career

Steven Whitten is a highly acclaimed real estate broker in Shallowater Texas who specializes in the sale and purchase of land and ranches as well as offering his expertise to evaluate properties for clients looking to invest.

He has extensive field experience in excavation and artifact identification/collection using Global Positioning System technology for data gathering. Additionally, he has participated in archaeological projects across diverse geographical areas such as the Caribbean and southeast United States.

Chris provides financial and accounting support to angel-backed and venture-backed start-ups. He has been actively engaged in several financing and M&A diligence projects. Chris provides budgeting, modeling, systems selection/setup support as well as audit preparation/prep as well as fundraising diligence/due diligence support as well as staffing for his client services.

Achievement and Honors

Stephen Whitten is a chemist, realtor and musician. As one of the pioneers of instrumental music ministry within Southern Baptist work he has led multiple musical mission trips to Finland, Cuba, Jordan and Greece while publishing numerous instrumental articles for national periodicals.

Whitten’s paintings often incorporate tools and objects, including giant squeegees (which he often referred to as “developers,” in reference to photographic processes), Afro picks, planes, saws and wall trowels – each symbolizing both his do-it-yourself working method as well as improvisation and assemblage.

Video footage shot in 1960 showed an artist discussing his early life in segregated Alabama where racial turmoil discouraged him; his move to NYC where he attended Cooper Union; and his admiration of an array of artists that included both white and black artists.

Personal Life

Steven Whitten has won great acclaim and recognition through numerous exhibitions. His paintings can also be found in private collections worldwide. Whitten’s art can be distinguished by its sophisticated restraint, use of color and size choices; often featuring fine horizontal and vertical sweeps in its composition.

Whitten values his family as his greatest strength. He is married, has two children, as well as numerous nieces and nephews he loves spending time with, as well as taking them fishing trips.

His passions include Oklahoma Sooners football and hunting quail. Additionally, he reads multiple books and magazines each week as well as the LA Times crossword puzzle daily as well as collecting fountain pens. Furthermore, he loves teasing his friends and family with humorous dialogue – making life enjoyable for everyone involved!

Net Worth

Early 2016, Steven Whitten was taking a stroll with his spouse along Middleton Sands in Lancashire, England – their favorite beach because it offered stunning views of the Irish Sea while not being too crowded – at Middleton Sands. They usually went there to relax and unwind.

One time, something was particularly repugnant to him; an odd-smelling rock which smelled of both squid and farmyard manure.

His piece of ambergris wasn’t as large as that found by the man from Morecambe, but still held great financial potential. This money could go toward paying off his credit card debt or paying down part of their mortgage payment; ultimately he decided to take it with him home.

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