Steven Whittington

Steven Whittington

Steven Whittington is an experienced attorney specializing in tax law. He provides advice for various matters such as fund establishment, real estate transactions, mergers & acquisitions and financial arrangements.

He has a keen interest in contemporary music and has given the first Australian performances of works by George Crumb, Christian Wolff, Cornelius Cardew, Terry Riley and Howard Skempton. Additionally, he maintains a close connection with Erik Satie’s music.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Whittington hails from Oklahoma and has become a well-recognized artist across multiple genres of music. His extensive resume demonstrates a deep knowledge of both history and culture that informs his sound while remaining modern and relevant.

He has produced new works that combine his love of history with contemporary interests, with his latest project being an experiment using Nafion material for fuel cell applications.

His laboratory research involves adding small particles to nafion in order to enhance its performance, ultimately leading to enhanced fuel cell efficiency. He has also taught students the process of creating these devices. For many years he was an active part of the educational community; co-Directing Partners in Science educational program was one such educational initiative prior to Research Experience for Teachers (RET).

Professional Career

From 2000, Whittington has been part of an expedition employing cutting-edge equipment to map an ancient Mixtec mountaintop site near Teozacoalco in Mexico. Working closely with academics (including restoration specialists and archaeologists), Mexican students and professionals as well as volunteers from varying backgrounds – this project has revealed an expansive site featuring temples, palaces and a ball court suitable for playing Mesoamerican ball game.

Whittington is learning the ropes as a judge while also adapting to his new environment, missing the private practice of law but excited for an opportunity on the Clay County bench. “I think it will be great fun,” said Whittington. “It will definitely present its own set of challenges.”

Achievement and Honors

Steven Whittington is a widely recognized figure in health care, serving on multiple boards of organizations and helping create several initiatives such as Veterans Administration National Quality Scholars program, IHI Health Professions Educational Collaborative and SQUIRE publication guidelines.

He began his career as a performer of new music in the 1970s, playing a significant role in shaping contemporary piano development in Adelaide by giving first performances of works by George Crumb, Terry Riley, Christian Wolff and Morton Feldman among many others. Additionally he championed Australian composers Howard Skempton, Peter Garland and Quentin Grant among many others.

Born and raised in Florida, he earned an Associate of Arts from Manatee Community College (1989) before going on to University of Central Florida to obtain both his Bachelor and Juris Doctor degrees – receiving both with high honors – in 1991 and 1995 respectively.

Personal Life

Steven Whittington was always busy. A family man and music enthusiast, he spent much of his free time on snow ski trips at Wolf Laurel Mountain Resort as well as other mountain resorts.

In the 1970s he experimented with electronic music using analogue synthesisers. Soon thereafter he started writing instrumental music influenced by minimalism and polystylism; his string quartet Windmill is widely recognised as an iconic work of musical minimalism in Australia.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts at University of Central Florida before going on to the Florida State University College of Law and earning his Juris Doctorate there. Since then he has been admitted to practice before all Florida courts as well as United States Court of Appeals 11th Circuit.

Net Worth

After being banned from YouTube in 2022, Stevewilldoit took his content over to Rumble where it has since been immensely successful. He now earns significant income through social media channels, brand endorsements and sponsorships as well as investments.

At NELK Boys, he has invested in Full Send clothing brand and Happy Dad hard alcohol company – two ventures which have brought over $70 Million annually in profits to them and their respective investors.

Whittington is an attorney by profession and has extensive experience handling both criminal and family law cases. Currently employed at Whittington & Culbert, P.A in Green Cove Springs; his practice covers Clay, Duval, Putnam and St Johns counties of Florida.

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