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Steve works for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina and holds numerous certifications in law enforcement such as SRT, dive team and LEBA bike patrol.

Early Life and Education

Search public records, photos and videos, phone numbers, addresses, emails and networks associated with Steven Zubkoff to gain background information and news updates about him.

Zubkoff currently works as a Sergeant with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in Charleston, South Carolina and participates in various law enforcement teams such as COPS grant team, dive team, LEBA bike patrol and SRT operator. Additionally, he holds certifications as both public safety diver and certified Field Training Officer.

He graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Charleston Southern University and has also served as an instructor at multiple universities across the US.

Professional Career

Steve Zubkoff specializes in real estate private equity development and financing of affordable housing throughout the USA, Mexico, South Africa and other international markets. Additionally, he founded and serves as Director of StudyNet Foundation; an educational platform providing high-quality academic digital content.

Zubkoff currently works as a Sergeant with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) since 2014. Originally starting as a Pfc with them and later being promoted to sergeant status. Zubkoff is involved with many facets of law enforcement such as recruiting, dive team, LEBA bike patrol, SRT team and COPS grant team responsibilities.

Dr. McLaughlin is a member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and holds several certifications such as Public Safety Diver and LEBA Bike Patrol. Additionally, he has obtained certifications as both Certified Field Training Officer and Public Safety Diver.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Zubkof is an investment and real estate private equity professional with more than three decades of experience, having completed several billion dollar real estate and start up technology company transactions during his career. His investments and advisory services have assisted numerous companies such as Green Sandwich Technologies, Porteon Electric Vehicles and Habitat for Humanity among many others.

Zubkoff acquired Presidential Lady, a mare with nine wins out of 44 races and $375,000 wins, prior to her becoming Art Major’s Harness Horse of the Year for 2014. Since then, Presidential Lady’s daughter Cam Fella has given birth to yearling colt and filly twins expected to fetch six-figure auction sales this winter.

Personal Life

Zubkoff is married and has two children in Vermont, where he runs a successful farm that raises llamas and alpacas. Additionally, he serves as executive chairman of Associated Financial Inc, which offers real estate investment trust services with vertical integration as well as private mortgage banking products – offering valuation and securitization expertise both domestically and internationally.

He joined the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) as Pfc in 2014 and holds certifications in Public Safety, Rescue Diver, LEBA Bike Patrol, SRT Team and COPS Grant.

We found three people named Steven Zubkoff in the US. California, South Carolina, and Vermont were most frequently home to these individuals; public records can help locate addresses, phone numbers, relatives and more – helping you to quickly find who is named Steven Zubkoff!

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