Stuart Lucas

Stuart Lucas on Taxable Investing and Private Wealth Management

Money issues often make communication between couples difficult, which is why Stuart Lucas excels as a financial expert, communicator and caring human being.

Wealth Strategist Partners provides investment and wealth management advisory services to complex family enterprises – including his own. He co-created the University of Chicago’s Private Wealth Management program – now entering its fourteenth year.

Early Life and Education

Stuart Lucas is an accomplished voice actor with guest star roles on many popular shows broadcast by ABC, FOX, CBS, Disney, DreamWorks and Nickelodeon. You may recognize him from shows such as iCarly (as Jake) or Game Shakers (where he voiced Gamer Villain).

He worked in the matte painting department on films directed by Francis Ford Coppola such as THX:1138 and other projects, serving as an early mentor for young star wars actor George Lucas whom he taught to use a camera and become adept in filmmaking techniques.

Stuart Lucas is a Principal at Wealth Strategist Partners, an advisory firm providing services to private individuals and family enterprises. Additionally, he is an avid philanthropist supporting various educational and arts organizations.

Professional Career

Lucas has made wealth management his life’s work for 35 years, serving both individuals and families alike. He co-manages his family’s investment office as well as being co-founding partner and CIO at Wealth Strategist Partners which advises exceptional families across their business, financial, cultural and personal needs.

At National Public Radio, he serves on both the Board and Investment Committee as Vice Chair and serves on the Stuart Foundation board which manages approximately $700 Million of assets.

Lucas holds both his Bachelor of Arts with high honors from Dartmouth College and M.B.A from Harvard Business School; in Chicago with his wife and three children; when time allows he plays on the PGA Tour!

Achievement and Honors

After graduating college, Lucas served with the Peace Corps in Africa and quickly advanced through their ranks to serve as assistant country director in Togo and Niger as well as Director for their Africa Region – experience which was instrumental in creating his vision of Africare.

Lucas established two distinct organizations outside his filmmaking career. First was the THX Corporation which created high standards for movie theaters and home entertainment systems; and secondly was George Lucas Educational Foundation which pursued innovative strategies for education that promoted lifelong learning.

Lucas returned to directing with Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace in 1999; it became the highest-grossing film of that year and quickly went on to become one of his signature movies. Since then he has produced and directed many other installments in this franchise including Episode III Revenge of the Sith as well as creating and directing Star Wars: The Clone Wars for television animation.

Personal Life

Stuart Lucas is a co-Managing Partner of Wealth Strategist Partners and serves exceptional families across their business, financial, cultural and personal dimensions. Additionally, Lucas is the author of two books on taxable investing and private wealth management and served on the Investment Committee Chair at National Public Radio as well as being Vice Chairman/Investment Committee Chair at The Stuart Foundation in California.

Lucas takes great pleasure in managing wealth for families and individuals. To this endeavor he brings his MBA from Dartmouth College as well as years of experience working for top-tier investment and wealth management firms like Wellington Management Company and Bank One (now JPMorgan Chase). Furthermore, Lucas manages his own family portfolio; practicing what he preaches to others.

Net Worth

Lucas takes an innovative approach to wealth management that goes far beyond simply looking at pre-tax returns; rather, she incorporates tax incentives into investments and wealth management strategy so as to add tremendous long-term value for investors and wealth managers alike. Her book should appeal to young earners, entrepreneurs, mid-career managers, business owners/executives/managers as well as family office executives serving multigenerational families with significant wealth.

Lucas graduated with honors from Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School, respectively, in 1981 and 1989, respectively. Since then, he has founded and co-managed Wealth Strategist Partners (WSP), providing financial, cultural, and business advisory services for large complex families across their financial, business, and cultural dimensions. Furthermore, he was responsible for creating the University of Chicago Private Wealth Management program now in its 14th year, while serving as Senior Managing Director of Bank One Private Client Services now JPMorgan Chase – all during that period of time!

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