Sunjai Williams Net Worth

Sunjai Williams is an American dancer and reality TV star best known as one of the stars on Lifetime’s Bring It!. She boasts an impressive following on Instagram as well as her own self-titled YouTube channel where she regularly uploads videos relating to beauty content and vlogs.

She has made waves not only through her dancing career, but also her modeling endeavors and is currently the subject of research into her personal life.

Early Life and Education

Sunjai Williams was born February 9th 1997 in Jackson Mississippi and quickly gained recognition through participation in Dancing Competition Reality Show Bring It! in 2012. Additionally, she is part of Dancing Dolls Dance Ensemble.

She is well-known for her Instagram account, with millions of followers. She regularly promotes Flat Tummy Co, an appetite control meal replacement shake designed for weight loss.

She is the eldest of three children, with twin sisters Shamia “Sky” Jai Williams and Shania Jai Williams. Her mother Selena Johnson was previously a dancer and reality TV star; James JJ Williams, however, was an experienced entrepreneur; although their parents are separated they remain friendly enough to raise their daughters together.

Professional Career

Sunjai Williams is best-known for her participation in the dance competition reality show Bring It!. On this program, she featured as part of Dancing Dolls dance ensemble.

Sunjai began dancing at five, joining the Dancing Dolls in 2012. She hails from Jackson, Mississippi where she was born February 9, 1997 under Aquarius zodiac sign.

Sunjai Williams currently prefers to keep her personal life private. In a YouTube video posted by Lifetime on October 2, 2015, she mentioned her ex-partner without disclosing his identity. A talented dancer herself, Sunjai has earned full scholarship at DeSales University in Center Valley Pennsylvania as an elite dancer – living there alongside younger sisters Shamia “Sky” Williams and Shania “Star” Williams who also dance.

Achievement and Honors

Sunjai Williams made her mark in competitive dance by joining Jackson-based Dancing Dolls dance troupe and becoming famous through participation on reality show Bring It! in 2014.

As The Cool Flame, she has taken advantage of her fame from the series to amass a sizeable social media following and perform for numerous celebrities. Additionally, thanks to DeSales University in Center Valley Pennsylvania offering full dance scholarships as a result of this success on television series, she was granted one.

Tonner-One World signed her in July 2016 to create a fashion doll in her likeness as part of their Prettie Girls! doll line. Released for sale later that same year. Born February 9th 1997 with zodiac sign Aquarius she is the oldest sister out of three sisters: Shamia and Star.

Personal Life

Sunjai Williams is an acclaimed dancer who first gained recognition after appearing on Bring It! as part of the Dancing Dolls troupe. From their performances on Bring It!, she earned an immense amount of acclaim – garnering significant praise from viewers as well as amassing an enormous following on social media platforms like Instagram.

She has an extremely supportive family. Star and Sky, two younger twin sisters who also dance, were instrumental in participating in her performance at the show.

Sunjai Williams does not currently have anyone in her personal life and prefers to keep it private. Her passion and skill as an artist are an inspiration to fans worldwide.

Net Worth

Sunjai Williams was born February 9, 1997 to Selena Johnson and James J.J. Williams of Jackson, Mississippi and rose to prominence through her appearances on Bring It! with Star and Sky; both twin sisters being her dance partners.

The show garnered her tremendous exposure, increasing both her social media following and following on her bad2thebone__3 Instagram account.

Her success on the show earned her a full dance scholarship at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania and performances for several celebrities. Tonner-One World signed an exclusive agreement with her to create an iconic fashion doll of herself for their Prettie Girls! doll line. She currently stands at 22 years old.

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