Surreal Creamery New York

Surreal Creamery in New York City

This spot offers a variety of ice cream creations in mason-jars. They are also well-known for their milk tea floats, and bubble tea. The creative menu has something for everyone. The unique flavors are as diverse as the name. It’s a fun and whimsical atmosphere. It’s worth a visit for any New Yorker.

Surreal Creamery has been inspected by the NYC Department of Health one time, in 2021. It is difficult to determine if Surreal Creamery meets the health codes. However, it’s worth a try if you’re in the area. It is open daily from noon to 9 p.m.

The location is convenient to get to if you’re in the city. There are many locations in New York City, New Brunswick. The New Jersey location opened in 2018. The ice cream is made in a mason jar, which means you can take it home with you! They also offer a variety of Mason Jar Specials. These allow customers to make their own ice cream in a mason container, which they can keep after buying it.

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