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Susanna Lingman – Tennis Player and Sports Commentator

Susanna Lingman is an accomplished tennis player and married to noted sports commentator Jim Courier. They share one child together and live happily.

At her elementary, secondary and college educational levels she earned various tennis honors. In addition, she won in several junior rivalries held across the nation and led her secondary school team as captain.

Early Life and Education

Susanna Lingman was born to Eric and Belle Lingman in California, where she grew up alongside her sibling David. Susanna attended Harvard University where she participated on one of its tennis squads – Crimson Tennis Squads.

Though her college career was short-lived, she managed to win several junior tournaments throughout the country and led her high school team. She earned a national junior ranking of 35 and served as three-time team MVP.

Jim’s wife remains private, opting to keep her personal life off social media platforms such as Instagram. However, she remains an acclaimed professional player.

Professional Career

Susanna Lingman is an accomplished ITF professional tennis player with an impressive track record on the ITF tour, as well as being part of Harvard Crimson Tennis.

Lingman distinguished herself from her brother by prioritizing academics over athletics at Woodbridge High School and earning admission into Harvard with her impressive SAT scores and grades at Woodbridge. Lingman achieved both, earning her acceptance into Harvard.

Jim Courier is her husband and is a former professional tennis player who won four Grand Slam singles titles during his playing career. Additionally, he works as a television sports commentator and analyst.

Kellan Courier and his mother were married in 2010 and do not seem to be actively engaging on social media either as individuals or together as a family unit.

Achievement and Honors

Susanna Lingman has distinguished herself in both junior and high school tennis competition, winning multiple matches across the United States as captain of her high school team and three-time squad MVP with a national junior rating of 35. Additionally, Susanna has participated in ITF tournaments and collegiate circuits.

Susanna Courier is a beloved wife to former tennis athlete Jim Courier and has stood by him throughout his career, winning 23 singles titles and six doubles titles combined, including four Grand Slam singles crowns. Susanna currently resides with her family in California. Susanna enjoys watching sports with her family but prefers not using social media such as Twitter or Instagram; instead preferring an unobtrusive life without public exposure.

Personal Life

Susanna Lingman is the wife of former world number one tennis player Jim Courier. Born in 1983 and living in America, Susanna excelled as a tennis player as a junior – winning several competitions across the country before serving as captain for her college team before competing on both ITF and collegiate circuits.

But her career was cut short due to a benign tumor which required surgery and subsequent recovery, preventing her from participating in summer tournaments.

Susanna prefers not to participate in social media and tends to stay out of the spotlight. She has one son named Kellan and currently resides with her family in Florida where they maintain a very private lifestyle. Susanna and Kellan enjoy playing tennis together for leisure purposes.

Net Worth

Since retiring from court play, she has continued her work in sports media analysis as an in-demand television analyst and commentator. Her professional endeavors have earned her great respect.

Susanna Lingman has been married to Jim Courier since 2010. They share one child together – Kellan Courier. Both share an avid passion for tennis, attending tournaments regularly.

Susanna began her tennis career at Harvard University and played on the IFT circuit for several years prior to marriage, but prefers not being in the limelight altogether. Now housewife and focussing solely on raising their son, Susanna sees parenthood as her ultimate joy!

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