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Celebrity Net Worth – Sylvia Weinstock

The American cake designer and pastry chef Sylvia Weinstock died at her New York home on December 26, 2018. She was a well-known celebrity and one of the richest chefs in the United States. Known for her elaborate, custom-made wedding cakes, Sylvia was also a well-known judge on two reality cooking shows.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Sylvia started baking when she was aged 50. After retiring from teaching, she went on to open her own cake shop, Lily by Sylvia Weinstock, in New York City. In the years since, she has worked with many famous clients. From the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Robert De Niro, celebrities have turned to her for their big day.

Before becoming a cake designer, Sylvia was a teacher on Long Island. While skiing with her family, she picked up her love for baking. Later, she apprenticed under renowned pastry chef George Keller. Soon, she was designing cakes for other customers, such as Martha Stewart. This led to her opening her own pastry shop in 1980.

By the time she became a full-time baker, Sylvia Weinstock had created over a thousand cakes. Her most expensive cake was a five-tier masterpiece, covered in edible gold and decorated with hand-sculpted butterflies. It cost more than $50000 to make.

Sylvia’s work changed the way wedding cakes are designed. She is known for her intricate designs and handcrafted sugar flowers. Although she was not fond of using fondant for decoration, she often used stenciled patterns.

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Sylvia and Benjamin Weinstock met when they were both teenagers. They married in 1949, and raised three children together. During the 1980s, Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer. She received a master’s degree in psychology. In addition to her career as a chef, Sylvia has written several cookbooks. She has also been featured in magazines and books.

In the past, Sylvia and Benjamin have had a romantic relationship. However, they have not publicly stated that they were dating. Unlike some celebrities, who have been public about their personal lives, Sylvia has kept her private life private.

When Sylvia Weinstock died, her death was mourned by people in the food industry. The death of a chef, who made so much money, was a tragedy for the industry. As a result, a private memorial service will be held.

Despite her death, Sylvia Weinstock has survived by her three daughters. Her son-in-law Keith Weldon and her grandchildren also remain in the family.

Sylvia’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her primary income source is from her business as an American baker, and her baking has given her a loyal following. Until her death, she was working on a full-time basis, but announced in 2016 that she would be taking a break from her full-time work.

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