Tammy Bruce Net Worth

Tammy Bruce was an iconic American radio host, author, and political commentator. Additionally, she served as president of Los Angeles Chapter of National Organization for Women.

Tammy Bruce has been featured as an on-air contributor of Fox News since 2000 and hosts her own show called Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation. Additionally, she regularly contributes content to Fox Forum blog.

Early Life and Education

Bruce was born August 20th 1962 in Los Angeles California to a store clerk mother and an unknown biological father whom she never knew either by face or name.

She went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of Southern California. Shortly after, she assumed the presidency of National Organization for Women Los Angeles chapter (NOW).

She has written three books, most notably The New Thought Police which explores personal liberty. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple films such as 2081 and The Undefeated as an actor or producer. Furthermore, she identifies as both gay and bisexual while advocating for LGBTQ rights throughout her career and boasts a large following on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Professional Career

Bruce has earned her place as both a New York Times best-selling author and Fox News on-air political contributor. Additionally, she hosts an internationally syndicated talk show available via TalkStreamLive as well as writing columns for The Washington Times and Fox Forum Blog.

From 1990 to 1996, she served as president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. Additionally, she participated in several political campaigns and worked on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition team.

In 2006, she publicly revealed her sexuality as bisexual and has since then dated numerous women – such as Brenda Benet who committed suicide with self-inflicted gunshot wounds to both head and torso – during her career. At present she is in relationship with an unknown male partner.

Achievement and Honors

Tammy Bruce is an award-winning political commentator, writer, and live TV host who currently contributes to Fox News Channel as a contributor. Additionally, she hosts her own show called Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation streaming service.

She began engaging in feminist action during the late 1980s, focusing on issues like violence against women and ending international subjugation of women. In 2006, she revealed she was bisexual but chose to identify as lesbian by choice.

She has written three best seller books. Additionally, she has appeared in full-length films and television shows. Most recently she was outraged by Joe Biden’s statement that all men and women are created equal, likening it to Pol Pot and the forces that led up to China’s Cultural Revolution.

Personal Life

Tammy Bruce is an established American radio host and political commentator. Additionally, she contributes content for multiple blogs as well as Fox News Channel.

She served on the Board of Directors of ‘National Organization for Women’ from 1990-1996 as President of its Los Angeles Chapter and wrote several books during that time. Additionally, she frequently appeared as a guest on KFI Radio in Los Angeles.

She is a strong supporter of women’s rights. Bruce has openly admitted that she identifies as bisexual but chose lesbianism as an identity choice. Additionally, Bruce endorses same-gender marriage and long-term relationships (with Brenda Benet). Although Bruce does not yet have children.

Net Worth

Bruce is an established radio and TV personality and political commentator known for her conservative viewpoints and political commentary. She served as President of Los Angeles National Organization for Women Chapter before contributing to Fox News Channel on-air as an on-air contributor.

Tammy Bruce hosts a podcast series entitled, “Get Tammy Bruce.” As an advocate for women’s rights, Bruce never hesitates to express her opinions – often to great controversies within her field – yet that has never stopped her from fulfilling her mission to inform and empower.

Bruce recently spoke with C-SPAN and noted that she is technically bisexual but that being lesbian is by choice. Since Brenda Benet’s suicide from self-inflicted gunshot wound, no relationships have developed between herself and Bruce.

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