Tammy Bruce Salary

Tammy Bruce is an American radio host, New York Times best-selling author, columnist, political commentator and Independent Conservative who has been serving as a FOX News Contributor since 2005.

She graduated with honors from University of Southern California and is an advocate for women’s rights and individual liberty. Currently living in New York with Ruby (her mini Australian Shepherd).

Early Life and Education

Bruce holds strong opinions on various issues and isn’t afraid to express them. She’s a member of the National Organization for Women, having served as president of its Los Angeles chapter at one point, and also hosts a nationally syndicated radio program on Talk Radio Network.

She earned a bachelor’s degree at University of Southern California and currently studies for her Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University. Additionally, she has published several articles and editorials related to social issues; these works have been showcased in multiple publications.

Independent Conservative and Fox News Channel Contributor since 2005, she is also a New York Times best-selling author, radio talk show host and columnist. Additionally, she founded Independent Women’s Voice as an organization which empowers women through conservative free market ideology.

Professional Career

Tammy Bruce is an award-winning radio talk show host, New York Times bestselling author, political commentator, Fox News Channel on-air contributor, host of Fox Nation show Get Tammy Bruce as well as part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition team. Additionally she holds a bachelor of political science from University of Southern California as well as being President of National Organization for Women Los Angeles chapter from 1990 – 1996.

She led an early 1990s campaign against sexualized violence in American Psycho, prompting publisher Knopf to conduct a year-long boycott of all its books containing this type of sexualized violence. She is openly gay, having had an on/off relationship with Days of Our Lives actress Brenda Benet whom she mentions in her book The Death of Right and Wrong.

Achievement and Honors

Bruce is a New York Times best selling author and outspoken conservative radio host who has appeared on various news programs. Her political commentary has caused much debate.

Tammy Bruce graduated with her BA in political science from University of Southern California. Additionally, she served as president of Los Angeles chapter of National Organization for Women before being invited onto Fox News as an on-air contributor and hosting “Get Tammy Bruce” show on Fox Nation.

She is an openly gay woman and a frequent guest on various news programs. She has written multiple books including, “The Death of Right and Wrong” and “The New American Revolution”. Additionally, she advocates for personal liberty.

Personal Life

Tammy Bruce is an independent conservative radio host and New York Times Best Seller author from America. Additionally, she serves as political commentator on Fox News where she hosts her show Get Tammy Bruce for their streaming platform Fox Nation.

She is an outspoken proponent of free-speech and the Second Amendment, making her a sought-after member of society. Before 2008 she was an avid supporter of Democrats; working on several campaigns including 1992 Boxer/Finstein Senate races.

Bruce is an openly gay individual. In 2006, she was in a relationship with Brenda Benet, an American actress known for appearing on many soap operas and movies. Tragically, however, Benet shot herself dead in their locked bathroom using a.38 revolver gun.

Net Worth

Tammy Bruce is an independent conservative radio host, author, and political commentator from Los Angeles, United States. She regularly contributes to Fox News Channel and hosts “Get Tammy Bruce” on Fox Nation; additionally she was previously president of Los Angeles Chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW).

Bruce stated in her C-SPAN interview in 2006 that she is technically bisexual, and made the choice to identify as lesbian at age 19. At that point in her life she began dating Brenda Benet (best known for roles on soap operas such as The Young and Restless and Days of Our Lives), until Benet died unexpectedly in 1996 and their relationship dissolved; since then Bruce hasn’t experienced romantic attraction again.

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