Texas Lieutenant Governor Race

Texas Lieutenant Governor Race

When the governor of Texas dies, the lieutenant governor assumes the duties. They also set the legislative agenda and oversee redistricting. The lieutenant governor also stands in for the governor in the event of impeachment. In addition to that, the lieutenant governor oversees the budget.

Dan Patrick is the current lieutenant governor of Texas. He has been elected for three terms and will serve a fourth, beginning in January 2023. As for his political career, he has already won several major victories, such as the ban on sanctuary cities, a stricter gun law, and new restrictions on transgender Texans. Patrick has also been a supporter of school vouchers, a divisive issue among rural voters.

In his bid for a third term, Patrick has racked up a number of endorsements, including one from former President Donald Trump. He also has some high-profile backers on the Republican side, such as Farris Wilks and Tim Dunn. However, one prominent Democrat in the race, Mike Collier, is making a strong case for himself.

While he has yet to win a statewide race, Collier is a rising star in the Democratic party. Collier says that his top priorities if he wins the election include closing the tax loopholes for out-of-state corporations and limiting the exploding property taxes. He also wants to put Roe v. Wade protections into state law and repeal some of the anti-choice laws.

Patrick, who has run for lieutenant governor three times, also has a long record of winning on issues, such as allowing college students to carry concealed firearms. He has made it easier for pastors to speak their minds without being questioned by the state. He has also helped pass legislation to protect the nation’s flag and national anthem at state-funded events.

Another major accomplishment was his victory in the 2014 midterm election. Patrick beat his Democrat challenger by nearly 20%. At the time, Patrick represented parts of Houston and Northwest Harris County. His campaign relied on a variety of local media outlets to spread the word. But Patrick was able to reach a broader audience thanks to a statewide bus tour.

Unlike the other major races for state office this year, the Lieutenant Governor race is not a statewide contest. However, the winner will become the next governor of Texas, and the candidate who wins the race has the potential to shape the state’s legislative agenda for years to come.

During the campaign, Patrick visited 131 different stops across the state. Patrick has also been endorsed by two prominent Republicans, State Senator Kel Seliger and former Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley. Despite the endorsements, Patrick has seen a decline in polls since the midterms. This is despite the fact that he has gotten a significant boost in funds from his supporters.

On the other hand, Collier has not received as much support from prominent Republicans. But he has also been endorsed by a number of former Republicans, such as Lloyd Bentsen.

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