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Vanity Alpough – Kendrick Perkins’ Beautiful Better Half

Kendrick Perkins’ stunning love interest, Vanity Alpough, owns and runs her own online boutique shop called “Vanity Forever”, offering women’s hair products and accessories as well as real estate services.

She was born on 7 July 1985 as a Cancer under the zodiac sign. Growing up alongside three siblings, she holds American nationality.

Early Life and Education

Vanity Alpough was born in Port Arthur, Texas on July 7th 1985 to Thomas and Julie Alpough and raised alongside Torris Thomas Tevis as her siblings. Vanity is an American citizen with mixed ethnicity heritage and practices Christianity as her faith of choice.

She is an entrepreneur and operates an online store specializing in ladies’ hair. Additionally, she works at Keller Williams Realty. She has three sons named Kendrick Jr, Kenxton and Kanter as well as one daughter named Zoey.

She shares an enduring bond with her family, as evidenced by her emotional posts and updates expressing their devotion. In particular, she’s dedicated to supporting her nephew through his hardships so he may live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Professional Career

Vanity Alpough has proven herself an accomplished businesswoman in her industry, running an online store dedicated to women’s haircare called Vanity Forever as well as creating innovative dating app WinknDrink in 2021.

Keller Williams Realty in Texas provides her with the platform necessary to help clients find their ideal homes while making sure all transactions go smoothly and successfully. She works closely with each client in finding their dream homes while making the transaction experience smooth and seamless.

She is also a proud and adoring mother to three sons – Kendrick Perkins Jr, Kanter Perkins, and Zoey – whom she strives to nurture and guide as individuals. They bring great joy and pride, which she expresses via various social media posts dedicated to them.

Achievement and Honors

Vanity’s strong commitment to education and her bond with Torris Alpough are evident in her moving social media posts, as are her generous philanthropic initiatives that demonstrate her sense of family and community.

She does not reveal the number of children she has, but their love is abundantly clear. She nurtures their development while celebrating each one as individuals – which brings great happiness and contentment for herself and them both.

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Personal Life

Alpough excels as both mother and wife; her greatest glory lays in being Kendrick Perkins’ loving spouse; former basketball player now serving as on-air commentator for Fox Sports 1, ESPN, and NBC Sports Boston.

Alpough manages both her online store, Vanity Forever, and Keller Williams Realty successfully. Her presence on social media has grown substantially through frequent posts about her family and other interests.

Though Alpough remains relatively unknown, her commitment to education and close bond with nephew Torris shines a light onto the path of her life. Furthermore, her real estate investments and health-conscious lifestyle prove her dedication to elevating herself and those around her; finally her posts about her children display her deep feelings for them all.

Net Worth

Vanity Alpough is an accomplished entrepreneur and real estate agent with an astute business sense. Together with her husband, she and other ventures including fitness studio and clothing line ventures have established themselves within their community. Additionally, Vanity is well known for her philanthropic efforts and devotion to family.

Vanity has accomplished much professionally and philanthropically; yet she remains quiet about her net worth and earnings. While active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, she remains silent regarding earnings or wealth accumulation.

Kendrick Perkins was an NBA professional basketball player for many teams – Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and New Orleans Pelicans among them – during his 16 year NBA career, earning millions of dollars during that time. Now he serves as color analyst for ESPN.

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