Thomas Araujo Net Worth

Thomas Araujo Net Worth – The Man Behind Dope As Yola

Thomas Araujo is the force behind the immensely popular YouTube channel dope as yola, creating content that is both educational and enjoyable for viewers. Araujo is a cannabis enthusiast renowned for providing stimulating yet entertaining content creation on his channel.

His marijuana-related videos have amassed millions of views. He makes money through Push Trees streetwear company and an alternative brand with his friends known as The Dopest Shop.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Araujo, popularly known online by his moniker Dope as Yola is an American social media influencer and YouTube star with millions of subscribers and views to his entertaining content on his channel which also contains product reviews and tutorials. Recently he has ventured into podcasting as well.

Dope as Yola is an advocate of cannabis, frequently including its use in his videos. He’s an experienced comedian with a knack for storytelling – and has recently expressed an interest in acting opportunities in the future.

At 22, he launched his YouTube channel and has since posted videos related to cannabis use, garnering more than 1.43 million subscribers as well as Twitch live streams and hosting podcasts. Additionally, he co-owns streetwear brand with friends as well as alternative store The Dopest Shop.

Professional Career

Thomas Araujo, commonly referred to online as Dope as Yola, is an American social media influencer and entrepreneur known for creating Weed-related content on platforms such as YouTube. Additionally, he hosts podcasts and operates an e-commerce website.

Not only has he found success through the video-making aspect of his work, he has also established endorsement deals and Google advertising payments as significant sources of income. Furthermore, he has established his own merchandising company alongside numerous cannabis-related brands to earn even more income.

He was born on 6 September 1989 in Merced, California under the sign of Virgo and adheres to Christianity. At 5 feet 5 inches he weighs around 60 kg with beautiful Black eyes and black locks.

Achievement and Honors

Dope as Yola has been sharing cannabis-related videos online since 2012 and now boasts 1.43 million subscribers on YouTube alone! He also hosts Twitch live streams and hosts his own podcast.

His engaging videos reach millions of viewers and generate significant income, with him also monetizing them by collaborating with various marijuana-related brands.

Dope as Yola is known for both his online success and motivational content, regularly sharing his journey and inspiring others to pursue their own dreams.

Thomas Araujo is in a relationship with Rosie Ruiz (Stoner Dottie). They got engaged on 27 February 2021 and plan on getting married shortly.

Personal Life

Thomas Araujo, known by his online alias Dope as Yola, is an American social media influencer best known for his popular weed-related YouTube videos and millions of subscribers to his channel. Additionally, he also conducts Twitch streams and hosts podcasts.

Dope as Yola has amassed such an amazing following due to his outstanding personality. He is a humble individual who always looks out for others.

Dope as Yola was born in Merced, California to two parents- his father was a businessman while his mother stayed home to take care of the household- a mixture of Mexican and Polish heritage, following Christianity with life path number 6. Dope shows great empathy to those in need and can often help provide shelter when others cannot.

Net Worth

Thomas Araujo, more popularly known as Dope as Yola on social media and YouTube, became popular for his cannabis content videos. His vlogging about all things pot, such as strain reviews and joint rolling tutorials helped to build his following. Born September 6, 1989 in Merced California under Virgo zodiac sign he has two siblings (younger brother and older sister).

He launched his YouTube channel in October 2013 and since has seen it grow to over 1.2 million subscribers. Additionally, he co-owns Push Trees Clothing clothing brand as well. An American of Christian faith who prefers spending his free time alone; has an interesting sense of humor, is very expressive, and prefers being alone than spending it around others.

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