Thomas Bagley

Thomas Bagley is a Well-Respected Intellectual Property Lawyer

Thomas Bagley has extensive experience handling professional conduct cases, public law disputes and administrative law claims as well as criminal matters. He is widely respected for his high degree of intellectual rigor and approach to dispute resolution that incorporates strategic thinking with methodical planning.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Bagley was born in Ohio to farming parents. He attended Michigan Agricultural College to learn farming and agricultural technology before working at both the Chicago Tribune and Detroit newspapers.

In 1938, he joined with other educators to form an organization known as essentialism in order to combat some of the more extreme tendencies within Progressive education.

Bagley believed that dominant theories at the time were inadequate and needed to be supplemented or even replaced by an alternative philosophy of professional education. He supported many aspects of this complex movement while criticizing other parts. One significant contribution he made was authoring a book on Gestalt psychology and teaching; unfortunately this theory wasn’t widely adopted at that time.

Professional Career

Bagley is an internationally recognized scholar on international intellectual property law issues such as patents and biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and access to medicines, traditional knowledge protection for indigenous peoples and local communities, technology transfer and technology licensing. She has published many articles and books related to these subjects; most notably she co-edited West Publishing 2013’s new treatise entitled Patent Law in Global Perspective with Okediji and Erstling as editors.

Tom understands the challenges associated with running a small business and has become adept at working closely with businesses to reduce insurance costs and mitigate risk. His specialization includes condominium associations, property management companies and developers as well as manufacturing firms.

Achievement and Honors

Bagley is well-renowned educator. He has taught courses and delivered lectures at multiple universities and colleges throughout the US, and received many honors during his career.

In 2007, he received the Outstanding Student award from Mississippi State University’s Shackouls Honor College, given to students who excel both academically and civically; criteria considered include GPA, Honors credit hours earned and involvement both on campus and within their local communities.

Bagley left behind many notable descendants. Eric Herbert Bagley is one such descendant. Based in Nashville, Tennessee and active member of both the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry and American Institute for Management Accountants boards of directors.

Personal Life

Tom Bagley knew exactly how to react in a crisis as soon as he saw smoke pour out from the house of one of his neighbours in rural West Wentworth, Nova Scotia. A Navy veteran and retired firefighter himself, this father of three knew just what needed to happen during an emergency situation.

His clients depend on him for his intellectual rigor and strategic approach to their legal matters, including professional conduct, administrative law, migration law disputes, public and criminal law disputes and more. He boasts extensive experience in these areas as well.

Bagley will be remembered by his wife, Donna Sue Jordan; sons Tom Lutz (and Deanna Kassal), Joe Cervi and Ai Cervi; daughter Charlene; brothers Bill, Robert, Jane (Bagley of Joiner Arkansas), as well as other family members and friends. A memorial service will be held September 9 at Thompson Station Methodist Church – for more information visit here.

Net Worth

Thomas Bagley reportedly currently stands at between $1-5 Million. This amount should increase significantly as his NBA career continues.

He is also actively engaged with his community, engaging in charity work and fundraising events as well as creating his own brand of basketball shoes.

Tom Bagley prefers to keep his personal life private and has only ever been seen displaying affection towards a few close acquaintances on various occasions. Nonetheless, there have been instances of him hanging out with them on several occasions.

He loves spending his free time playing music, rapping, spending time with family, and following sports news – always staying abreast of new developments in this area of interest.

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