Thomas Beavers

Thomas Beavers

Thomas Beavers was an unstoppable force. His goal was to give his family everything they deserved, especially his daughter and grandson whom he held close. Thomas Beavers took great pride in their upbringing and loved them dearly.

At his initial trial, Beavers provided statements to a police officer, who testified on those statements at his direct testimony session. To assist the officer’s recall and help keep his memory fresh, the Commonwealth provided some documents as aids for recall.

Early Life and Education

Beavers graduated with a degree in oral communications. While in school he began writing and acting locally before making his professional stage debut with Rain, an adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s short story.

Beavers broke into Marguerite Lowery’s Hampton home and caused her to wake up after hearing noises that night. Beavers was charged with breaking into her residence to steal items worth approximately $5,000 from inside. She eventually reported it.

At his trial, the court asked prospective jurors if they were “absolutely opposed” to capital punishment and the answers of some were revealed as biased – contributing to an erroneous verdict. Expert psychiatrists examined him prior to trial and determined he was competent; additionally he claimed his initial trial should have ended with a mistrial due to inconclusive and damaging evidence presented.

Professional Career

Beavers was found guilty of capital murder for the rape and suffocation death of Marguerite Lowery in 1992, even though he had no significant adult criminal record and presented no risk to society. Beavers’ defense argued that society would benefit by not prosecuting.

Jim Scanlan plans on leaning heavily on his freshmen for minutes on defense this season. Moorhead’s Olivia Dronen, Minneapolis Makenna Deering and Woodbury Riley Reeves should see extensive playing time alongside junior safety. Scanlan believes this will build team chemistry on defense.

Thomas served as an academic tutor and mentor while at USU, helping implement and monitor the Student-Athlete Academic Services study hall program as well as serving as its administrator. Later promoted to assist director, Thomas now oversees football and women’s basketball academic support programs as well as initial and continuing eligibility determination.

Achievement and Honors

Luna is a testament to Beavers’ musical consciousness. It captures both his infinite musical sensibilities and epic ambition as an accomplished Latin Jazz composer. Beavers is an official Buffet Crampon USA artist, plays an Antoine Courtois trombone and endorses Eargasm earplugs.

Senior defender Jonah Sautter earned second team All-Conference honors, helping lead a Beaver defense that allowed only three goals this season. Sautter started 15 times this season and also played a crucial role in scoring on opposing defenses.

As part of both programs, he was awarded both the Amie Rengel Award and Tom Beaver Award as their leading goal scorer. Furthermore, he was nominated for a 2021 GRAMMY Award in the Best Tropical Latin Album category for Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Imagenes Latinas album.

Personal Life

Thomas Beavers was an inspiring man, working tirelessly to give his family the life they deserved. Through strength and faith he overcame numerous hurdles including an anoxic brain injury. Committed to fulfilling his vision of turning Century Plaza Mall into a community hub with New Rising Star Church as its center, Thomas Beavers worked relentlessly toward this end.

Beavers maintained that he never intended to kill his victim and believed the death penalty an unnecessary punishment in this instance. However, the Court disagreed. They stated: “It is undeniable that during police interrogation Beavers made statements which now admit were false statements; furthermore he admitted having sexually assaulted Mrs. Lowery while holding a pillow over her face to attempt silence her.

Net Worth

Beavers is an accomplished music educator who has been invited to speak at both the International Experiencing Villa-Lobos Conference and Guitar Foundation of America convention. Additionally, he serves as an online professor for Liberty University School of Music as well as writing numerous articles for Fingerboard Magazine, published by American String Teachers Association.

Beavers is dedicated to serving his community through New Rising Star Church in Birmingham as its pastor. After earning his BS in Biology at Kentucky State University and later his MDIV from Beeson Divinity School at Samford University (2007) he is currently leading multiple efforts that impact society with New Rising Star Church as its fourth pastor – leading efforts that impact lives within and outside its walls – while raising two children of his own with wife. Beavers currently estimated net worth is $100,000.

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