Thomas Buchar

Thomas Buchar

Thomas Buchar is the principal and owner of Buchar Mitchell Bajt Architects of Joliet, Illinois and has over thirty years of experience collaborating on commercial, office, bank, residential and industrial projects across Joliet and Illinois.

He is also the founder of The South Florida Accelerator in Fort Lauderdale, an initiative to speed the market launch of new technology or business ideas.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Buchar was born in Yugoslavia. After attending Troy grade schools and Joliet Catholic Academy, Thomas pursued his goal of becoming an architect by attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and earning a bachelor’s degree. Subsequent to graduating he began working with Buchar Mitchell Bajt Architects Inc in Charleston where he has participated in projects ranging from churches to commercial offices to bank branches to residential developments.

Nembeza Wildlife Foundation was also created, to aid wildlife conservation in Africa by tracking poachers and rescuing rhinos. When not helping wildlife conservation, Mr. Wehrly enjoys spending time with his grandchildren as well as playing sports – coin collecting is also his hobby, something which keeps him busy during his leisure time! In his free time he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren as well as collecting coins and stamps which he is an active collector with various memberships such as Wehrly Auction House as well as NRA membership among many others!

Professional Career

Thomas Buchar has dedicated much of his career to various projects and business ventures. Among these efforts is serving as the managing director for South Florida Accelerator and board member for Innovation Florida; additionally he owns Viator BGB investment company and leads wildlife conservation efforts via Nembeza Wildlife Foundation – two ventures for which he acts as board member.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia and went on to graduate from Joliet Catholic Academy. With over three decades of professional experience under his belt and having been with Buchar Mitchell Bajt Architects since 1980.

He specializes in producing presentation renderings and has worked on construction projects of all kinds – churches, commercial, office and institutional properties, banks and residential developments among them. Additionally, he has managed numerous industrial ventures.

Personal Life

Val Buchar was an esteemed family man, loving husband and father. A frequent visitor to Florida where he enjoyed its sunshine, beaches and lively social scene; Val was beloved by many and proud to support wildlife conservation causes.

Buchar Mitchell Bajt Architects have been under his presidency since 1980 and he assumes full responsibility for all their projects.

Thomas Buchar has held directorships of five companies since earning his graduate degree at the University of St. Gallen and also serves as member of five other boards, serving as chairman or member. Furthermore, Thomas is an angel investor with investments in multiple start-ups residing in Fort Myers Florida. Sysoon provides people a way to create, share and archive online tributes in memory of loved ones who have passed on.

Net Worth

Thomas Buchar has founded, funded, and exited a wide array of international businesses. These include media properties (CGI Inc’s international broadcast syndication network which operated in 60 countries was acquired by Polygram), financial services (Geneva Risk Services LLC was purchased by McAuley Woods & Associates 2008) and professional services (TechExec Resources, LLC). Buchar advises clients on M & A transactions, strategic initiatives and startup funding. He is also an active philanthropist and co-founder of Nembeza Wildlife Foundation which offers rhino orphanage programs in South Africa and Botswana. Now living in Southwest Florida he also loves flying his business trips around the globe in his private pilot plane!

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