Thomas Cazeneuve

Thomas Cazeneuve

Thomas Casseneuve is a French politician and co-founder of Focus Recrutement. Additionally, he serves in President Macron’s cabinet.

As well as being an entrepreneur and professional sportsman, he holds the world championship in chess boxing – an innovative form of combat sport combining chess and boxing.

Early Life and Education

Cazeneuve was raised in L’Assomption village. His parents, Louis-Amable Cazeneuve, an apothecary and doctor, and Esther Daguilhe (daughter of notary Joseph Daguilhe), raised him.

After graduating, he worked as an assistant to Jean-Baptiste Meilleur* of the University of Paris laboratory.

From 1995 to 2000, he served as mayor of Octeville and Council of Manche member. Later that same year (2008), he assumed leadership of Cherbourg Urban Community.

Cazeneuve was recently appointed Minister of Interior by President Francois Hollande to replace Manuel Valls who stepped down due to his presidential campaign commitments. Cazeneuve has an extensive record of achievements both within government and business settings; he is close with President Hollande and holds many key roles throughout his career.

Professional Career

Cazeneuve is the founder and President of Focus recrutement, an agency focused on staffing services. Additionally, he sits on several public and private company boards, holds an Economics degree, and has extensive expertise in corporate strategy.

Cazenave has long championed diversity within the workplace and been an enthusiastic supporter of French LGBT communities. Additionally, he was recently appointed as part of President Francois Hollande’s advisory committee on human rights and civil society issues.

In 2017, he played an instrumental role in facilitating Thomas Pesquet to conduct his inaugural extravehicular activity (EVA) with U.S. astronaut Shane Kimbrough at the International Space Station. Additionally, he serves as board member of the International Space Exploration Initiative.

Achievement and Honors

Cazeneuve began playing Chess Boxing as an early youth, participating in numerous tournaments and eventually winning the World Chess Boxing Championship title in 2017. Additionally, he has garnered several other titles in different martial arts disciplines.

He collaborated with Joe Simon to co-create the comic-book character Red Raven during what historians and fans refer to as the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. His work can be found in Fox Feature Syndicate, DC Comics and Marvel Comics publications.

Focus recrutement, which specializes in recruitment and staffing services, boasts offices both in France and the US and has won various accolades, such as Cannes Lion Award in 2016. Furthermore, Focus recrutement boasts an impressive social media following of over 5 million people on social media.

Personal Life

Cazeneuve fostered an enthusiasm for learning, amassing a vast library filled with scientific, medical, historical, geographical, musical, and culinary works. Furthermore, his passion was teaching; he would often encourage the growth of knowledge in his students.

At four, he began playing chess and soon after as a teenager mastered it to the point that he became champion in his locality and later claimed the World Chess Boxing title at an event held in Berlin in 2016.

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