Thomas Chappell

Thomas Chappell, CNM

Thomas Chappell is an experienced attorney practicing civil litigation across a range of areas. His practice encompasses estate and trusts matters as well as collection issues; furthermore he represents community associations in zoning appeal cases.

He and his wife Kate co-founded Tom’s of Maine together in 1970. Additionally, they established Ramblers Way wool clothing company. Both businesses remain committed to being eco-conscious and socially responsible today.

Early Life and Education

Tom Chappell hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating Trinity College with a BA in English in Hartford CT, he founded natural personal care brand Tom’s of Maine as well as Ramblers Way for wool clothing production.

Chappell is actively engaged with numerous cultural and philanthropic organizations. He currently sits on the Dean’s Council at Harvard Divinity School as well as being on their Advisory Board, serving with The Nature Conservancy of Maine, Washington National Cathedral national Advisory Councils and more.

Lydia Tobias Valero was his wife of 26 years, leaving behind three sons; Craig, Chris, and Jason as well as sister Debbie Krohn; as well as numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews as well as an incredible community of friends and relatives.

Professional Career

Tom Chappell is an experienced litigator who handles civil matters across a range of practice areas, with expertise in appellate advocacy, trusts and estates litigation, land use disputes and collections as well as representing community associations before Virginia courts.

He has served on both the Harvard Divinity School Advisory Council and Center for the Study of Values in Public Life Board of Fellows, both dedicated to studying values in public life. With a passion for environmental protection, he has collaborated with multiple environmental organizations over time.

Tom is co-founder of Tom’s of Maine, an eponymous company producing natural products in an ethical and socially responsible manner, as well as Ramblers Way Farm clothing company producing superfine wool garments with strict ecological standards. Tom offers captivating keynote presentations that offer step-by-step suggestions to integrate one’s personal values and beliefs into successful, profitable business strategies.

Achievement and Honors

Loughborough University alumni Kenneth Allison, Dr Tom Karen, Professor Mary Nevill and Group Captain Nicola Thomas have all been recognized in the 2019 Queen’s New Year Honours List with special awards from Her Majesty The Queen.

Chappell’s belief that an enterprise can be environmentally conscious, socially responsible and profitable is still evident at Tom’s of Maine and Ramblers Way Farm, makers of high quality worsted wool apparel.

Chappell stands out in an age of antibusiness sentiment and high-profile downsizing as an astute entrepreneur who understands that moral high ground can still bring profits. His engaging keynotes provide step-by-step strategies – illustrated with stories from daily life at Tom’s of Maine – on how to turn personal values into practical, profitable business strategies.

Personal Life

Thomas Chappell, CNM is a midwife in Manning, SC who graduated from Slippery Rock University and practices at Mcleod Women’s Care – currently earning them five-star ratings from patients.

Tom and Kate came from Raleigh, North Carolina in 1970 to Kennebunk where they founded Tom’s of Maine – an environmentally friendly personal care company, offering employee-owned business models with natural personal care products and an employee-owner business model. Based on their philosophy for conducting their company they published two books called The Soul of a Business and Managing Upside Down and traveled throughout the US giving speeches about values-centered leadership.

He is survived by his wife, Kate; daughters Cynthia Chappell Jennings and Joy Chappell Phillips from Edenton; son Paul Chappell from Hertford; brother R.S. Chappell from Hertford; eight grandchildren including Hope Swinney, Jeremy Jennings, Alexi, Caleb Levi and Abigail Phillips as well as four great-grandchildren Hope Swinney Jeremy Jennings Alexi Caleb Levi and Abigail Phillips

Net Worth

The Chappell family were part of the Society of Friends and migrated to North Carolina between 1726 and 1744. Some were disowned from Quaker Church due to marrying outside its confines – specifically Jesse, John and Samuel who settled in Chowan, Perquimons and Bertie Counties.

Laban was an officer in Colonel Thomson’s regiment during the Revolutionary War and owned 672 acres in Orangeburg District (later Lexington County). With his wife Elizabeth he had six children: Henry, Elizabeth, Mary Tapley Sally Rebecka – their oldest being Thomas who sold land in Lunenburg County; these brothers also deeded an adjoining tract on Springfield Creek to him – it is unknown what became of his family thereafter.

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