Thomas Cieslak

Thomas Cieslak is an attorney specializing in criminal economic and penal fiscal law. Additionally, he teaches law classes while also conducting scientific work alongside his professional career.

Doing a public records search will enable you to gain more information on Thomas Cieslak by providing access to their judicial record data, education history and more.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Cieslak was born in Pennsylvania, United States. He had one sibling who remains unknown. On his wedding date he wed Paulene Cieslak (nee Guzowska).

Joseph Cieslak died at his deathplace, New York on January 24th 2019. Both Helen Leger and Felix J Cieslak survived his passing.

Searching the public records of Thomas Cieslak can provide valuable insight. A background check can reveal his criminal and financial past; phone number lookup can reveal who’s calling him; education and employment history provide important details that help reveal more of who Thomas Cieslak is as a person and his interests – this type of data could reveal much.

Professional Career

Cieslak has earned many praise as a leader, and has created an environment in which employees feel encouraged to take risks and accept responsibility for the results of their decisions. He established an award-winning college rotational development program and ensured everyone could advance in Faurecia s ranks; his ability to promote such growth contributed significantly to leading teams with significant turnover successfully; five experienced managers left their roles without any serious setbacks occurring due to this growth promotion within Faurecia alone!

Achievement and Honors

Cieslak has proven his abilities as a leader by creating an award-winning college rotational development program and working to foster an environment of growth at Faurecia – including recently transitioning out five seasoned managers with no major issues. Furthermore, his personal business experience and tact help secure strong representation for partnerships and corporate entities in business litigation matters; CieslakLaw maintains offices both in Clawson and Ironwood to serve the metro Detroit region as well as Western Upper Peninsula citizens he can address nearly any legal matter their clients might face.

Personal Life

John Cieslak Jr. of Washingtonville, NY; Robert J. Cieslak of Fair Lawn, NJ; Thomas G. Cieslak of Wayne, NJ and Michael S. Cieslak from Oahu are all survived by Estelle Cieslak as well as 9 Grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral Mass will be celebrated Thursday morning at St Pauls R.C. Church Prospect Park at 9:30AM followed by burial in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Totowa under arrangements made by Festa Memorial Funeral Home located at 111 Union Boulevard Totowa.

Public records provide an easy way to search for information on Thomas Cieslak. Simply perform a name and birth place search to obtain key pieces of info such as education history, employment details, phone number information or any hidden phone numbers he might possess that you don’t know about.

Net Worth

Public records offer you an excellent resource to learn more about Thomas Cieslak. A search of his name and location will yield data regarding judicial, education, employment as well as personal bankruptcy, criminal record and traffic offense records.

He is survived by his wife Susan, son Joey and daughter Angela; five grandchildren: McKenna Cieslak-Panter; Kylie Cieslak-Panter, Charlie Panter-Patter and Jaxson Panter will miss him dearly. He will also be dearly missed by family and friends.

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