Thomas Coffin

Tom rings home as Laura arrives, telling her about his trip to see a magician escape from an immobilised coffin at a movie.

Margaret Atwood has noted the significance of coffins in Canadian texts as symbols of Indigenous knowledges which cannot be contained or represented.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Coffin hails from Lawrence, Kansas. With experience as an engineering technician, pulp mill worker, truck driver and household furniture mover – as well as having studied art at Santa Fe Institute of American Indian Arts – Thomas boasts an eclectic background.

He later worked with Julia King in New York City, designing gilded cast stone and ceramic objects as well as art furniture with golden highlights. Their exclusive collections for Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue and Archetype Gallery in Soho have also been shown at Motif Gallery in Los Angeles, Virtu Gallery in Chicago, Luna Felix Santa Fe and Ferrra’s Phoenix – among many other galleries and events worldwide.

Tom has written numerous articles and edited multiple books, in addition to conducting extensive research across a broad spectrum of subjects.

Professional Career

Tom was professionally active across several areas, such as law enforcement, art, and teaching. He served as a police officer with the Penetanguishene police force as well as serving on its board of directors and community centre board of directors.

He was an accomplished artist renowned for designing and crafting gilded cast stone, ceramic and wooden objects and art furniture, exhibited at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue, Archetype Gallery in SoHo, Tesoro Gallery in Los Angeles and Luna Felix in Santa Fe.

Tom Coffin was an exceptional family man and deeply cared about the people he left behind, including his wife Galva Coffin from Homer, his three daughters Barbara Spurling in England, Karen Curran and Sandra Coffin in Homer; as well as son Thomas E Coffin Jr of Homer; Carter and Tate Spurling as well Riley Gallagher Dan Curran Emily Yaman and AJ Meldrim as grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Tom was well-respected across the region. An avid reader and golf enthusiast, he also enjoyed traveling and spending time with family. Tom served as past master of Homer Masonic Lodge No. 352. Additionally, he was an excellent husband and father. Additionally he was an active member of Plattsburgh United Methodist Church for decades.

Lucretia Coffin Mott was an early feminist and abolitionist. Born January 3, 1793 on Nantucket, Massachusetts to Anna Folger and Thomas Coffin (a ship captain), who were Quakers, Lucretia became an activist against slavery as well as championing women’s rights as an early feminist abolitionist who wrote numerous articles and speeches for publication. She wrote numerous speeches herself which can still be found today!

Personal Life

Coffin was employed in multiple positions throughout his personal life. These included engineer, pulp mill worker, truck driver and furniture mover roles. For a short while he even served on Penetanguishene police force.

Coffin became involved with the Underground Railroad in 1826 as an antislavery Quaker who provided aid to runaway slaves as they sought refuge in Canada via Canada’s British Colonies. He used his home as a stop along their journey.

Baker Library Special Collections and Archives offers an unparalleled source for American abolitionism: Thomas Coffin Amory papers. These materials contain correspondence between Amory and merchants, ship captains, agents, etc. regarding trade, foreign policy, economic conditions etc.

Net Worth

Pierre Coffin is an award-winning animator, director, and voice actor. His contributions to film have brought him immense recognition; co-directing some of the most acclaimed animated movies to date and providing voice acting for Despicable Me characters has only added to his net worth.

Cori Coffin reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million, earning her income as a journalist with NBC channel.

She is active across numerous social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, with posts receiving fantastic responses from her audience. Her posts reflect an intelligent person delivering valuable advice to followers. Furthermore, she’s very involved on YouTube teaching others about investing and personal finance.

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