Thomas Comey

Thomas Comey – A Biography

Comey was appointed FBI director for ten years in 2013, until being fired by President Trump in 2017. Since his dismissal he has published two nonfiction books detailing his time as director as well as drawing inspiration from his career experiences to pen a fictional novel called Central Park West.

Early Life and Education

While Comey may come from law enforcement heritage, her boss Harry Howell taught her the value of compassion and understanding despite great difficulties.

As a young prosecutor, Comey handled drug and gun smuggling cases as part of her team that brought charges against a volunteer fire department treasurer for embezzling more than $5 million; additionally she worked on various gang-related cases.

Now 32-year-old Samantha Aguirre serves as one of the lead prosecutors on the Ghislaine Maxwell sex crimes case, taking on other major cases against Treasury Department whistleblower Natalie Edwards and ex-gynecologist Robert Hadden who stands accused of sexually abusing numerous women.

Professional Career

Comey became known for his integrity and independence during a thirty-year career that spans multiple sectors. In 2004, when refusing to certify aspects of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program, Comey earned himself an admiring following after physically stopping White House officials from pressuring him into signing it.

He battled against waterboarding as an interrogation technique, testifying before Congress in 2007 that such practices constitute torture. But ultimately he lost this battle and left the Justice Department in 2005 to become general counsel at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

Comey’s early life experiences had a lasting effect on him as he embarked upon a career of public service. Drawing upon those memories to create Central Park West – a fictional character fighting mob corruption and murder in New York City.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Comey, a blunt Jersey City police chief with the physique of a bouncer and an aggressive manner who rarely minces words, made headlines last November when he announced that the FBI was looking into new e-mails related to Hillary Clinton’s use of private servers during her time as secretary of state. Many were taken aback at this announcement that shocked many.

Listening to today’s descriptions makes it impossible not to be impressed by the scale and breadth of contributions from this Department, from dismantling gangs that terrorized neighborhoods for years, to prosecuting companies that dumped toxic levels of copper into drinking water sources – these feats represent truly exceptional work from this team of dedicated professionals. They exemplify everything the best that this Department has to offer.

Personal Life

As an attorney, Comey worked in offices of United States attorneys (federal prosecutors with regional jurisdiction). He managed high-profile cases such as prosecuting homemaking entrepreneur Martha Stewart for homemaking fraud.

Comey’s ambition of appearing impartial was put through its paces during the Hillary Clinton e-mail server case. Comey knew that agents at the FBI faced an impossible choice if they found evidence against Clinton to prosecute, while not doing so would seem meddling in an election campaign.

One experience that shaped Comey was working at a grocery store owned by Harry Howell. Although Howell was known to be hard-nosed businessman, he also showed compassion and mercy toward employees; thus teaching Comey the ability to balance toughness with fairness.

Net Worth

Comey reported his net worth during his Senate confirmation process for the FBI job as $11 million; that figure likely increased after receiving a $3 million profit participation payout from Ray Dalio’s hedge fund Bridgewater Associates when he left that post in early 2013. Before joining Dalio’s firm in early 2013, Comey served as general counsel and senior vice president at Lockheed Martin until 2010. Now he serves as senior research scholar and Hertog Fellow on National Security Law at Columbia University.

He’s also an award-winning author with his book A Higher Loyalty making waves in bookstores nationwide. Macmillan offered him a $2 Million book advance and could earn millions more through royalties alone; its sales could surpass those of Michael Wolff’s bestseller Fire and Fury.

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