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Thomas Consulting – Unlocking Success One Idea at a Time

Lynn Thomas is an accomplished businesswoman whose firm has helped clients unlock success idea by idea. Known for her relationship building abilities and experience selling in corporate environments, she also boasts an exceptional record in adjusting implementation plans based on changing tax laws and market research data.

Early Life and Education

Thomas has extensive experience working across several areas, such as public policy change management. Additionally, he possesses expertise in contract management, business funding, grant writing and organization building for medium and small businesses. Furthermore, Thomas has given numerous speeches at leadership, management and diversity conferences.

Regina Freeman-Thomas Early Education Consulting was established in 2017 with a mission of supporting educational communities that seek to provide high quality learning programs. Her classes also aim to equip parents to be active participants in their child’s development.

She has experience managing the opening of new infant toddler and preschool facilities and works as a Certified Anger Management Specialist to offer individual and group anger management counseling.

Professional Career

Thomas has held several corporate and financial management roles with start-up companies and large distributors of wine and spirits throughout his career, overseeing numerous operations ranging from finance and accounting, budgeting, forecasting and incentive pay systems creation as well as overseeing an intellectual property portfolio management.

He has provided expert testimony in many cases involving various forms of intellectual property. He specializes in valuation analysis and the assessment of damages associated with patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights.

Thomas has extensive recruitment experience within the private equity sector, undertaking search mandates for both permanent and interim finance roles – nationally and internationally. He possesses an acute understanding of the challenges facing finance industry businesses, along with ways to overcome them.

Personal Life

Thomas takes great pleasure in spending quality time with her family, serving in ministry alongside her husband, listening to a wide array of musical genres and traveling and learning new things. She attributes much of her resiliency and optimism to the example set by her father who endured his parents and sister being killed off.

She counts conservative judicial activist Leonard Leo as her mentor and has performed work for him and his companies, such as providing polling data that was later filed as amicus brief with a Supreme Court case that supported their outcome advocated by Leo and others. According to The Washington Post, Leo made sure Thomas was left off any billing paperwork related to this work; they both serve as godparents to each other’s children and have spent time at Leo’s vacation home together.

Net Worth

Thomas Consulting, located in an unassuming strip mall, counts among its few known clients the Center for Security Policy – an anti-Muslim conservative nonprofit – and the PACS that supported failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore according to public records. Thomas also works for conservative legal adviser Leonard Leo’s group according to federal financial disclosure forms.

Lynn’s expertise lies in creating tailored client presentations, motivating employees to accept change and enhancing customer experiences – all key ingredients of success for her clients. She leverages her cum laude from Suffolk University and Wesleyan University degrees as well as strong relationship building abilities in order to connect with her audiences effectively.

She specializes in tax law and market analysis, helping businesses maximize their earnings potential.

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