Thomas Diehl

Thomas Diehl – A Bremen Brave

Thomas Diehl is an attorney at Ralston Pope & Diehl LLP where his practice specializes in plaintiff personal injury cases with an emphasis on complex medical negligence and trucking accident litigation.

Tom leaves behind his wife, Norma Jean; three children; one sister; 9 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. A member of Orrville Church Of Christ, Tom also enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping and wood cutting activities.

Early Life and Education

Tom Morrow lived with his wife Mary in Utica, New York. Survivors include Thomas Morrow (son), three grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted with military honors on Monday at 2 pm at Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery near Schuylerville.

Diehl first worked for Bullock at the Texas Comptroller’s Office before becoming Director of Telecom Regulation for the Public Utility Commission of Texas, spearheading their adoption of Lifeline rates and Link Up as means to make telecommunications services more affordable for low-income households.

On his 80th birthday on May 4, 1987, Karl Diehl established the “Karl Diehl Foundation for People in Need”. This charitable entity received regular funding and provided assistance to active and former employees as well as family members living worldwide as well as residents from Nuremberg region.

Professional Career

Thomas Diehl worked as a landscape designer at a prestigious firm before starting The Living Canvas design company and creating elegant exteriors for homes in Spring, Texas. Tom is happily married to Dawn Diehl and father to Summer, Tony, and Teagan; in addition he has many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

After earning his B.A. in Mathematics with Distinction and University Honors at the University of Kansas, he later went on to receive his J.D. from its School of Law. Since then, his practice has focused on plaintiff’s personal injury law, particularly medical negligence and trucking accidents. Additionally, his passion lies with global surgery research; currently undertaking a Fogarty Fellowship in Rwanda to improve neonatal surgical care he is also part of Ralston Pope & Diehl LLP firm.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Diehl was an amazing man of many talents. A proud Bremen Brave who stood for integrity, honor, and courage he was dedicated to serving his family, friends, and community with pride and grace.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Air Force and its mission. For four years he served as Commander of Scott Air Force Base Honor Guard, leading his team and commanding one of AMC’s largest honor guards while mastering complex training, budgeting, and tracking processes.

Diehl was most proud of leading the successful fight against Governor Baker’s plan for an increase in state gas taxes in 2014; but was dismayed that Governor Baker did not recognize his efforts with an appointment within his administration. Diehl is survived by his wife Brenda of Plantersville; sons Thomas Diehl Ellis and Marcy Diehl Ellis as well as grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and family.

Personal Life

Thomas Diehl was a beloved and proud father to Summer, Tony and Thomas Jr. as well as being their beloved son from James and Shawn Diehl. Jaime Pichette loved having Thomas Diehl around as her brother; Jovie Kylie Piper Teagan were his daughters-in-law; also many nieces and nephews adored having him as part of their lives. Thomas Diehl will always remain loved.

Karl Diehl takes over his company during difficult economic conditions in 1930, when production must be scaled back. To add greater value, he invests in a foundry and processing workshop as well as purchasing Brand artistic casting foundry on Grunstrasse to expand production by including fitting parts and door knobs; additionally he begins manufacturing stove autotimers and installation autotimers that control heating/air-conditioning systems.

Net Worth

Thomas Diehl is not only known for his successful business career but also has an active charitable life. As the founder of U.S. Money Reserve – an organization providing monetary policy advice and gold market analysis – as well as being involved with various industry councils, such as CER&T (Coalition for Equitable Regulation & Taxation).

In 1989, Diehl VA Systeme purchased the majority share of Bodenseewerk Geratetechnik (BGT), one of Germany’s premier historic manufacturers of military equipment and missiles. This move established Diehl VA Systeme’s strong position in aviation technology – cabin integration for Airbus aircraft among others was among them – while setting up Diehl Avionik Systeme GmbH later that same year as an additional subsidiary that operates military electronics products, develops electronic flight and engine controls, digital display management computers and onboard computer systems among many others.

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