Thomas Doswell

Thomas Doswell – Rape Victim

Thomas Doswell spent 19 years incarcerated for an alleged rape that DNA testing later proved wasn’t his. When released from incarceration in 2005, he reached an out-of-court settlement of $3.8 Million with city police.

He sued, alleging the detective investigating the case wanted to “get him” because Doswell had already been cleared in an earlier rape investigation. Additionally, he claimed the photo array was compromised as his photo was marked with an R – as was customary in Pittsburgh at that time if suspected rape suspects’ pictures were displayed publicly.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Doswell was exonerated in 2005 after serving 19 years for an act he did not commit; DNA evidence later cleared him. Doswell claims police misconduct contributed to his conviction, contending Detective Herman Wolf targeted him after being cleared in another rape case and that his photo lineup was compromised because it featured only one with an “R” mark, the way that police departments identified suspect photos at that time. In his civil suit against Pittsburgh he alleges this occurred as well as being placed into police custody when no charge could be laid against him at that time he claims police misconduct caused his conviction and lawsuit was filed by Doswell against City authorities over allegations related to police misconduct that led him into prison where 19 years were served before DNA evidence cleared him after 20 years served his release after spending 19 years behind bars due to allegations related to police misconduct contributed heavily. Doswell claims this contributed greatly to his conviction, alleging Detective Herman Wolf targeted him after having previously having been cleared in another case acquitted him, with allegations being targeted as suspected after previously having being cleared in another rape case acquitted, plus claims the photo lineup was compromised due to him having the only photo marked with “R”, used at that time in police departments for identification of suspected rape suspect photos being identified within departments at this time in order for identification by officers within police departments as per protocol at that time in Pittsburgh had allowed all suspect photos being identified with “R”, an indication to doswell has filed civil suit against City of Pittsburgh police department as his case was supposed to identify suspected.

Doswell’s attorneys are seeking millions in compensation to address his allegations of violation of his rights to due process and against cruel and unusual punishment, along with claims that his associational and familial rights were infringed upon.

Professional Career

Thomas Doswell was wrongfully charged with the 1986 rape of a 48-year-old Pittsburgh woman and spent 19 years behind bars before DNA testing exonerated him. Doswell sued Pittsburgh and won a $3.8 million settlement from them over allegations that police falsified photo lineups by marking his picture with an “R,” signifying that he had previously been accused of rape but later cleared; police also used false testimony in another rape case where Doswell had been cleared acquitted by marking his image with an “R,” signifying he had previously been accused but disproved; these allegations by authorities had caused his conviction by police falsification of photo lineups; Doswell claims police falsified evidence by marking his picture as part of another a prior charge that went acquitted; Doswell sued Pittsburgh and received an eventual $3.8 million settlement; Doswell claims police had falsified evidence by marking his picture with an R sign, suggesting his prior conviction was due for review, even though this case had already been brought before and disproven before trial by jury acquitted.

Doswell asserted in her lawsuit against retired detective Herman Wolf that he was inept at interrogating suspects, conducting line-ups, and using photo identification procedures; according to Doswell, at the time of her rape he had received no formal training in these subjects.

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Achievement and Honors

Thomas Doswell was wrongfully accused of sexual assault in Pittsburgh in 1986; DNA tests exonerated him, and he filed suit against the city for $3.8 million. Additionally, Doswell has had various legal problems, but his attorney says three cases involving false claims from former girlfriends were ultimately dismissed by court orders.

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Tommy Doswell left behind an extraordinary legacy of family and friends who loved and respected him, cherishing every one. He delighted in laughing and joking with those close to him while sharing his spiritual gift of music through song.

Personal Life

Tommy Doswell cherished his family and friends. He would often make them laugh with jokes he would tell, as well as writing songs for them that they enjoyed listening to. Tommy leaves behind his loving mother Olivia Doswell; 3 sons Raymond Shewlia and Qualia Lowry, Nicholas Doswell and Dale Glover; two daughters Azyre Doswell and Talia Daniels as well as 7 sisters; Loma DeLaRosa, Lorna Gaines Sheretta Norman Valerie Doswell and Sherrie Hardwick plus many nieces nephews cousins and lifetime friendships.

Doswell filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh after being exonerated through DNA evidence, alleging police misconduct. He claimed they lacked probable cause to include his photo as part of an array shown to victims as it was marked “R,” for “rapist”.

Net Worth

Tommy Doswell had an estimated net worth of $83.5 Million as of 7 December 2020. A family man at heart, Tommy put God first and used music as an avenue of spreading His message. All those who knew and loved him will miss him dearly; leaving behind mother Olivia Doswell; 3 sons Raymond Thomas Lowry, Shewlia Doswell and Dale Glover; six sisters Loma DeLaRosa, Lori Gaines Sheretta Norman Olivia Doswell Patricia Doswell as well as numerous nieces nephews cousins and lifetime friendships.

He was released from prison in 2005 following DNA evidence exonerating him of an alleged 1986 rape, after successfully suing Pittsburgh and reaching a $3.7 million settlement agreement with them. On Christmas Day 2019, he died peacefully at home.

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