Thomas Engel

Thomas Engel

Thomas Engel is a doctor of human services specializing in child dependency issues. Additionally, he serves as supervisor and trainer for an educational state program.

As an autodidact, Engel used his street smarts and unbridled curiosity to sidestep traditional wisdom of physics and chemistry. This enabled him to design and produce watches using Zenith’s 5011K movement for himself.

Early Life and Education

Due to wartime interruptions, Engel was never able to finish school; nevertheless, through hard work and self-study combined with an unquenchable thirst for truth and curiosity he began a one-man plastic processing company which led him to invent PEX and other processes. Although he received 120 patents he preferred licensing them rather than becoming an actual manufacturer himself.

Hinchey also served as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York and led a grand jury investigation of Puerto Rican paramilitary group FALN, an experience he credits with giving him authority when discussing homeland security matters. Ed Koch tried to use Hinchey’s support for Israel as an issue during their special election bid but this move backfired, according to Hinchey.

Professional Career

Thomas Engel has built up an excellent legal career over time. Martindale-Hubbell rates him an AV Preeminent attorney. Additionally, he served in military as well as being president of his homeowners association and prepared taxes pro bono for several clients.

His experience includes serving as a prosecutor with the Southern District of New York and leading a grand jury investigation of Puerto Rican paramilitary group FALN, which bombed numerous sites throughout the US. Additionally, he has worked for oil industry as an IMCA saturation diver supervisor ADCI mixed-gas diving supervisor as well as Six Sigma team leader for safety improvements.

He is the author of over one hundred journal and conference papers in his field of expertise – direct energy conversion, pulsed power systems and electromechanical systems. Additionally, he serves on the European Security Research Advisory Board.

Achievement and Honors

Due to wartime interruptions, Engel was never able to complete his formal professional education; nevertheless he set up his own one-person plastic processing business using street smarts, self-study, unbridled curiosity and ambition. Going against conventional wisdom of both chemistry and physics he developed new processes and plastic materials for industrial use.

Early on he became obsessed with watches. With an intense and determined focus he began studying Breguet timepieces as well as teaching himself watchmaking – with particular interest in producing rose-engine cut dials of the type used by Breguet himself.

Engel held numerous public and private board positions during his career. He won numerous awards and accolades, such as being named 1992 Inventor of the Year; additionally he holds three patents and one registered copyright.

Personal Life

Thomas Engel’s pursuit of his professional and recreational interests, both vocationally and avocationally, is truly fascinating. While family life and inventions take precedence in his narrative, any collector of fine watches will no doubt find their story captivating.

In his career as a Democrat, Theodore Jones served as federal prosecutor in New York’s Southern District from 1970-75 and led an extensive grand jury investigation of Puerto Rican paramilitary group FALN bombing cases as well as other bombing incidents. Additionally, Jones served as child protective investigator and case manager supervisor within the child dependency system.

Mary Forrest Engel shared with Today her sorrow over Henry, her 6-year-old son who died from Rett Syndrome, an incurable genetic neurological condition characterized by severe cognitive and physical impairment.

Net Worth

Engel is an esteemed NBC News chief foreign correspondent who has covered war zones such as Iraq War, Arab Spring and Syrian Civil War. As an accomplished journalist he has earned millions in earnings that has elevated his net worth to an incredible $4 Million!

Engel is also the author of several books such as A Fist in the Hornet’s Nest and War Zone Diary. A Virgo born during the Year of the Ox, Engel currently resides with Mary Forrest as his wife.

Henry Thomas Engel and Melissa Engel were blessed with one son together. Before marrying Melissa Engel in 2010, Henry had previously been married to his college sweetheart but they divorced due to irreconcilable differences after five years together before divorcing.

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