Thomas Falcon

Thomas Falcon 1 – A Popular Internet Celebrity, YouTuber and TikToker

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Professional Career

Professional careers refer to a sequence of jobs, positions and roles taken on by individuals within their chosen field. They usually involve formal education as well as specialist knowledge within that particular discipline, along with adhering to an ethical code and professional standards code of conduct.

Careers offer many potential rewards, both monetary and otherwise. Professional careers tend to provide greater job security due to their specialized skillsets being in high demand in their chosen field of endeavor.

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Achievement and Honors

Swain Family School of Science and Math recognizes an upperclassman student pursuing one of its disciplines who best embodies the characteristics exemplified by Judge Falcon Black Hawkins Jr. (Citadel Class of 1958) such as patience, wisdom, humility, academic achievement and servant leadership.

Mikayla Newberry and Hannah Klimek of Tennis were part of a team which went 5-1 against WIAC competition and received the No.1 seed at their conference tournament.

Named to honor and remember two Citadel Cadets killed while serving their nation, one in Iraq and another killed during a military operation in Afghanistan respectively in 2007. Additionally, The Citadel faculty member who died while fighting alongside them is remembered here too.

*Nominees were not awarded due to eligibility regulations.

Personal Life

Falcon was known for his keen intellect and avid reading habits. Additionally, he was an accomplished artist exhibiting paintings at Liverpool Academy’s exhibition of 1836.

After leaving the Navy, he embarked on writing as a professional pursuit by accepting literary and review assignments from London publishers. His books covered diverse subjects such as natural history, biographies, criticism, and fiction.

Thomas had an antagonistic relationship with his father, which can be seen in some of his works. He married twice and had seven children before retiring to Braunton, Devon where he published numerous articles and book chapters as well as poetry. Additionally he was an accomplished silversmith as well as painter; painting landscapes and history works. Thomas Falcon died at 66 in 1878.

Net Worth

Thomas Flight is an internet celebrity, YouTuber and TikToker known for his distinctive vlogging style. With millions of followers globally and owning an extravagant Hollywood Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles as his residence – not to mention earning enough through various social media accounts, YouTube videos, television shows and business ventures to build his estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million by 2023 – Thomas lives a lavish life with family and friends alike.

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