Thomas Gambardella

Thomas Gambardella

Thomas Gambardella is a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture and installation media. Her artwork engages critically with social, political, and biological systems – from exploring autopoietic organisms such as lichen to horseshoe crabs and waterways – for critical thought purposes.

She currently resides at 19 Westwood Lane in Irvington, NY 10533 but previously resided at two addresses.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Gambardella resided at 61 Butterwood Ln W in Irvington and may also have resided in East Haven and Portland. Known by various aliases such as Tom, Thos or Tm Gambardella.

He served as both teacher and campus minister at Bishop Hendricken High School-BHHS, a Catholic, all-male, college preparatory high school in Warwick, Rhode Island. He had an affinity for Christian Brother education. Additionally, he organized immersion field trips for students volunteering at La Posada Providencia detention center for illegal migrants in Rio Grande Valley in Mexico.

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Professional Career

Tom Gambardella served as both teacher and campus minister at Bishop Hendricken High School, a Catholic high school located in Warwick, Rhode Island. As such, he organized immersion field trips for students at La Posada Providencia shelter for immigrants in Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Two weeks after his retirement from the NYPD, 20-year decorated veteran David Rea has not taken it easy – posting to both social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram about how dissatisfied he is with its work force.

Former Police Officer Complains About Soft Crime PoliciesThe former officer lamented his city’s liberal, soft-on-crime policies which left him disgruntled in his job as a cop. Additionally, he noted the public was better served with cops as enforcement had disappeared over time and 14 complaints have been lodged against him which have never led to any disciplinary actions being taken against them.

Achievement and Honors

He was an esteemed member of Griswold Middle School faculty, and was honored as its “Highlighted Teacher”. Through immersion field trips arranged at La Posada Providencia in Rio Grande Valley he helped students understand immigration and border security issues.

Thomas Gambardella, 41, made headlines earlier this month by flipping off his former department on his way out and giving an open fist shake as he left, criticizing it for its policies against crime. Gambardella used social media as a forum to express his disapproval by giving one last swipe towards One Police Plaza memorials while leaving.

He also posted two TikTok videos showing himself purposely throwing trash out his open car window while driving through the borough, garnering over one million views thus far.

Personal Life

Tom served as both teacher and campus minister at Bishop Hendricken High School-BHHS in Warwick, Rhode Island. He coordinated immersion field trips that encouraged students to volunteer at La Posada Providencia shelter for immigrants in Rio Grande Valley.

He earned an estimated annual income of $164K after joining the force in 2002 and most recently working with Brooklyn’s 70th precinct’s detective squad. Four of 14 complaints filed against him have been exonerated while six have been determined “unsubstantiated” or “unfounded.”

Potty-mouthed cop said he initially loved his job, but became disenchanted due to an increasingly liberal city that is hostile towards police officers. Divorced and with two children of his own; Carmine also served with the NYPD.

Net Worth

Domenic A Gambardella serves as Independent Director for Meridian Bancorp Inc and his net worth has been estimated at over $4.73 Million as of 26 August 2021. As an EBSB stock holder he owns 40,400 units worth over $614,888 which are held through six trades since 2008 (an average of one trade every 319 days).

Gambardella is well known for his love of the American flag, proudly displaying it both on his home’s roof and an aluminum pole in front of it. After having one of the 13-star “Betsy Ross” flags stolen by neighbors, he installed a video security system at his property as a result and donated several flags to local charities in need. Kristin and Lynn Gambardella reside at his Irvington residence (61 Butterwood Ln W).

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