Thomas Garrison

Thomas Garrison

Thomas Garrison is an anthropological archaeologist who has led excavations in Belize and Guatemala, serving as overall director for El Zotz, a Maya archaeological site in Guatemala.

Garrison’s editorials on temperance were in many ways an avant-garde of woman anti-slavery societies. His passion was moral reform.

Early Life and Education

Garrison began his career writing for local newspapers before transitioning into successful businessman. His strong work ethic enabled his company to grow into a multi-state corporation.

Garrison co-founded The Liberator to express his antislavery views and, in 1832, organized its readers into the New England Anti-Slavery Society; this later evolved into the American Anti-Slavery Society which championed immediate emancipation. Garrison opposed gradualism as well as White colonization programs. Furthermore, he strongly disapproved of laws like Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott decision and John Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid (Ohio History Connection, 2018).

Garrison has been excavating at El Zotz since 2012 and hopes to engage more Ithaca College students in his fieldwork there. LiDAR technology could prove particularly helpful in documenting this ancient Maya fortress.

Professional Career

Garrison began as an apprentice compositor at the Newburyport Herald and soon developed skills that would prove essential in his later career as a newspaper editor. While at that paper he wrote articles and editorials.

Garrison isn’t limited to his work as a researcher; he also dabbles in music with Control band, earning the respect of many colleagues in his field.

He has been active in various charities and assisted those in need – such as an injured former Disney executive during a ski trip – throughout their rehabilitation, helping get them back up on their feet and back to work. For his generosity he has earned great respect among his peers.

Achievement and Honors

Garrison was an inspiring leader to his family, friends, neighbors, business clients and church fellowship. Additionally, he served as a mentor for numerous SAFB airmen and pilots in training. Following retirement he donated time and mowed the lawns at Edgewood Children’s Ranch.

He was a member of the American Anti-Slavery Society, where he advocated for immediate, uncompensated emancipation of slaves within the US. However, because of his strong advocacy of women’s rights within abolition movements such as AAS in New York and London when refused seating female delegates as World Anti-Slavery Convention delegates.

Tom was honored by several of his peers who created tracks for a benefit compilation called “Beside You in Strength,” released via Chthonic Streams on November 5. This ep contains all variants of these tracks released as releases on November 5.

Personal Life

Garrison was an exceptional husband, father, and grandfather who dedicated much of his life to church, golf, friends, helping anyone in need, Disney fanaticism and helping his wife, Penny. For most of their lives they lived in Windermere Florida but later made Hendersonville North Carolina home.

Garrison became widely respected with his writings appearing in The Liberator. He often denounced the Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act and John Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid as being God’s way of punishing nation-state tyrants.

Garrison currently works as the assistant professor of anthropology at Ithaca College and director of El Zotz archaeological project in Guatemala, teaching students how to use remote sensing technology while working to preserve cultural heritage of this Central American nation.

Net Worth

Thomas Garrison is an impressive business professional who has had a profound effect on healthcare and medicine. With years of experience building high performing teams while applying a customer focus approach in his work, Thomas stands out from his competition as a formidable presence.

Garrison has developed a keen appreciation of the challenges inherent to managing businesses across a range of global markets, serving as worldwide president of BD Surgery business unit and vice president for Infusion Systems at BD.

He has also held positions in R&D, BD Medication Delivery Solutions and Greater Asia. Garrison has been an insider in Bio-Path Holdings Inc for 14 years with no transactions on SEC Form 4 completed; his shares of BPTH are worth roughly $929 Thousand; in addition he has made two sales totaling $0.

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