Thomas Grossman

Thomas Grossman, Attorney at Law

Police in Florida allege that a Florida man abducted and sexually exploited a 14-year-old girl from Erie County to West Virginia after meeting online and exchanging messages that included sexually explicit pictures of both parties.

Thomas Grossman is facing federal charges in this matter, which carry more severe penalties than state charges and have reached an important court hearing this week.

Early Life and Education

Grossman graduated from Lehigh University in 1988, and as such often donates his time and resources towards school improvement projects. Additionally, he provides support to local charities like Boy Scouts of America and Citizens for Community Values as well as Grace Chapel where he serves as both elder and Sunday school teacher.

The girl, who has intellectual disabilities, told police she met Grossman online two to three times weekly for two months. They exchanged nude photos between meetings. According to her account he claimed to be between 16-19.

He is being held at Central Regional Jail on charges of kidnapping, child concealment and other felonies; his $500,000 bond remains outstanding while his attorneys attempt to move his case from local to federal court in Erie.

Professional Career

Thomas Grossman is an accomplished legal professional with an impressive record. He provides clients with direct, honest legal advice that keeps them fully informed at every stage of the case, has earned the respect of both prosecutors and judges, and will work tirelessly for justice for his clients.

Steve Garvey was an L.A. Dodger and San Diego Padre player prior to establishing his sports marketing firm where he represented professional athletes. Steve has handled thousands of cases throughout his career and never wavers in his pursuit of justice for his clients.

He has written extensively about workplace equality and sexual harassment, with works such as NINE TO FIVE: HOW GENEDER, SEXUALITY AND GENDER CONTINUE TO DEFINE THE AMERICAN WORKPLACE (Cambridge 2016) being widely read across classrooms and law libraries nationwide.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Grossman is engaged in numerous professional and personal pursuits. A 1988 alumnus of Lehigh University, Thomas regularly contributes money and energy to school improvement initiatives while serving as Vice President for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.

Grossman conducted extensive research into the structure and mechanism of E. coli’s multienzyme nucleotide excision repair system as well as UV-induced DNA damage. His works were also featured in many scientific articles and book chapters published throughout his career.

Grossman founded the Thomas E. Grossman Scholarship at IUPUI to offer scholarship support to adult returning students enrolled in degree programs at IUPUI – covering both full and part time study options. His personal interests include golf, music and reading – his favorite authors being Alexandre Dumas, Franz Kafka, Ayn Rand and Robertson Davies.

Personal Life

Thomas Grossman lived in Palm Springs with his partner Brien O’Brien. An avid hiker and Disneyland season pass holder, Thomas also enjoyed golfing, skiing and chess – hobbies he found time for while serving on Area Progress Council, Grace Chapel and as trustee of his local Masonic Lodge.

Criminal complaints indicate that in the days before her disappearance, Grossman was contacted 27 times on her cell phone by the girl, according to police. Investigators tracked it by “pinging” it and discovered it traveled south through Pennsylvania into West Virginia before stopping.

Law enforcement officials in Summersville located and arrested Grossman Wednesday afternoon, state police told WSAZ. The girl was returned to her family. Grossman faces up to 30 years of prison.

Net Worth

Grossman remains passionate about horse racing despite the success of his international equities hedge fund, owning Blue Chip Farms in Wallkill, New York where he breeds multiple champion race horses. When not breeding them he enjoys reading such works as those written by Alexandre Dumas, Franz Kafka, and Ayn Rand – among many others!

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