Thomas Heninger

Celebration of Life for Band Director Thomas Heninger

He was an active member of several churches, civic and charitable organizations – such as life membership in Sons of American Revolution and trusteeship at Northumberland County Historical Society.

He taught instrumental music at St. John the Baptist School in Jefferson, where his students would often perform during school Christmas programs and Catholic Schools Week pep rallies.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Henninger was a long-standing music educator at Watertown High School for 35 years. On Saturday afternoon, students, colleagues and members of his community gathered at Turner Hall in Watertown to honor him – including members of his own family who say that Thomas served as “father figure” to many.

Ben Fellenz of WMTV reports that Thomas Henninger was deeply committed to equity and access in music education. To commemorate him, the Wisconsin Music Educator’s Association has created the Thomas Henninger Memorial Fund in his name.

Henninger was born in Pennsylvania on January 15, 1860 to Aann Henninger and two other siblings. They married on September 9, 1870 and had one child, Rese Henninger. By 1880 they lived in Burkes Garden Utah where Henninger passed away at 70 years old.

Professional Career

Heninger was an instrumental music instructor and member of Madison Brass Band. Additionally, he achieved multiple victories in cycling events such as Giro di Lombardia, Milan-San Remo, Paris-Roubaix and Liege-Bastogne-Liege races.

John was beloved figure in Watertown, having taught high school music for three decades before retiring in 2009. At his celebration of life ceremony, several former students spoke up about him making their lives better.

Since 2005, Henninger’s works have been shown in at least 8 solo and 26 group exhibitions since 2005. Additionally, two art fairs, including Positions Berlin Art Fair 2023 were participated in as well. Galerie Ricarda Fox in Mulheim/Ruhr Germany represents him. Additionally he boasts an impressive list of clients.

Achievement and Honors

Turner Hall in Watertown was packed Saturday for a celebration of life ceremony honoring Watertown High School Band Director Thomas Heninger who died last October when involved in a crash on John Nolen Drive. Heninger had taught music for more than 35 years prior to his passing.

Heninger was honored as one of 10 Mountain West players selected as finalists for the Burlsworth Trophy, along with Colorado State’s Thomas Pannunzio, Fresno State Erik Brooks, Hawaii Eliki Tanuvasa, New Mexico Cody Moon, San Diego State Segun Olubi and Utah Karen Reid.

On December 6, WMTV is excited to participate in this year’s Burlsworth Trophy competition and announce its winner! For more details, click here for more information and copy right 2022 WMTV; all rights are reserved by us.

Personal Life

Heninger was a beloved member of Watertown community who taught instrumental music at Watertown high school for over 35 years before retiring in 2009. Additionally, Heninger served as a mentor to many students during that time and served them well upon retirement in 2009. On Saturday morning, members of his Watertown family and community gathered at Turner Hall for his celebration of life ceremony and honored Heninger with their presence and memories of him as they celebrated His life and legacy together.

At this event, several of Heninger’s grandchildren spoke and thanked him for all of his ongoing support and love, emphasizing the need to learn and practice their instruments regularly.

Heninger was a member of Watertown Moravian church’s PAWS band and his death comes as a great shock to many in Watertown and beyond. Sue Heninger also played in this ensemble. Unfortunately, no information regarding Heninger’s cause of death or an obituary have yet been made public by his family.

Net Worth

Thomas Henninger was an esteemed local musician. For several years he played in the PAWS band at Watertown Moravian Church. Thomas served as a role model to young people by encouraging them to use their gifts while also finding purpose in life. Thomas leaves behind his wife Sue and two children.

Thomas Heninger and his family have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million according to public records. The family owns an oyster farm which produces approximately 200,000 Eastern American oysters each year – making this business highly lucrative. Furthermore, several real estate properties owned by them as well as several farm holdings are held within Pennsylvania suburbs like Gettysburg are held. Finally they also boast numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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