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Herink’s Count 12 alleges that he provided falsified financial statements to financiers and insurance companies in order to gain large construction contracts. The Indictment contains an exhaustive 21 paragraph account of Herink’s actions.

Early Life and Education

Tom Herink was born in Sussex, England. He earned a bachelor of visual arts at Belhaven University and currently practices his art while also serving as an art instructor.

Herink’s work encompasses painting, sculpture and drawing and draws inspiration from the Washington Color School. Herink has participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions across the country.

Thomas was at the forefront of international movements for racial equity and institutional accountability to overcome decades of racial exclusivity, as evidenced by her presence at numerous social circles and artistic painting practices: from The Little Paris Group at Howard University peers to members of Washington Color School – drawing inspiration from Paul Cezanne with its recurrent motif of interlinked lines that later reappeared in her ink-on-wood glue works.

Professional Career

Tom Herink lives at 1291 County Road V in Fremont, Nebraska and has family in several states. Public records reveal that Herink is married with children.

Visitors entering the gallery are welcomed by a mannequin dressed in Thomas’s trademark color-block dress; this welcoming gesture emphasizes her lifelong dedication to her craft as an artist as well as how it is part of both her community and personal history.

The subsequent galleries provide a glimpse into Thomas’s transition from representational painting to her signature abstracted-pointillist style, associated with Washington Color School. Furthermore, this exhibition illustrates her defiant artistic practice which defied categorical definitions while effortlessly transcending various social and artistic painting circles. Furthermore, this space symbolizes how art historical discourse often overlooks or marginalizes artists and curators of color.

Achievement and Honors

Additionally, this exhibition includes archival materials like correspondence between Thomas and social activists that illustrate her struggle as a Black artist in an era when public-facing activism by artists and external groups seemed the only means of institutional representation. Finally, the exhibition presents works created at the end of Thomas’ life such as Red Azaleas Singing and Dancing Rock and Roll Music (1976) which beautifully illustrates her pursuit of beauty until her dying day.

Herink is survived by four sons: Jacob, Patrick, Nicholas and Eli Herink; daughters Nancy Carol Herink Griffin and Candace Marie Campbell; two stepgrandchildren, six great-grandchildren as well as extended family. Funeral services will be held in Rocklin and Pompton Lakes, California.

Personal Life

Herink’s alleged scheme involved using his company as an intermediary to obtain construction contracts that would otherwise have gone directly to major firms. Court records indicate Herink defrauded two lenders and two insurers: Omaha-based UMB Bank lost $3.3 million while TFS Capital Funding and American National both reported losses exceeding $1 million.

On Friday, July 27th, petitioner was informed by Mr. St. Martin that Herink had retained him to represent him. Petitioner testified that upon receiving this letter he immediately visited Herink who informed him he did not retain Mr. St. Martin or intend to do so and denied having an agreement or fee agreement with Mr. St. Martin; Herink did not explain these remarks further.

Net Worth

Daniel D Herink is currently serving Insperity Inc as its Senior Vice President – Legal, General Counsel and Secretary. Herink holds both a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law; prior to this he worked at Rodriguez Colvin & Chaney as General Counsel and McGinnis Lochridge & Kilgore as General Counsel respectively.

Thomas Herink’s defensive specialist skills, opponent scouting expertise and recruiting abilities were instrumental to TCU achieving its most successful year ever in 2022: 17-11 overall and 11 Big 12 wins (an all-time program best). Furthermore, she led them to an NCAA RPI ranking of 39–the highest ever for TCU!

Herink holds at least 24,580 units of Insperity Inc stock worth more than $2.522.2092, having completed more than 50 trades since 2011.

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