Thomas Herion

Thomas Herion was an ex-Chicago mob cop who helped to dismantle thousands of illegal gambling operations and write books detailing his crime-busting methods.

Plaintiffs allege that Crude and Selvik disseminated defamatory information against Herion to individuals with whom she had special relationships, such as the State’s Attorney’s Office, several police chiefs from surrounding communities and members of Bensenville police community.

Early Life and Education

Herion was raised in a Chicago neighborhood that featured bookmakers on almost every corner, leading him to break up illegal gambling operations using mob-busting techniques that resulted in thousands of arrests and convictions – including his memoir Pay, Quit or Die. Additionally he served as technical adviser on movies such as Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, Next of Kin with Patrick Swayze, and Raw Deal with Robert De Niro – serving as technical advisers on all three films as technical adviser.

Plaintiffs allege that defendant Selvik, along with Kurt Bressener and Craig Grude, had access to Mr. Herion’s confidential investigative files which were then released anonymously with an anonymously written letter in order to damage his reputation and cause severe emotional distress (First Am. Compl PP 35-36). Therefore, these allegations sufficiently establish defamatory information was disclosed with this manner (See First Am. Compl. PP 35-36).

Professional Career

Thomas Herion is Chief of Police for the Village of Lyons in Illinois. Coming from a family of police officers himself, Thomas counts his father as his biggest source of inspiration both professionally and personally. Thomas loves sports and participates in a bagpipe band dedicated to honoring first responders who have died in service of others.

According to the lawsuit, Herion informed several members of the Bensenville Police Department, including a city manager, city attorney, former Bensenville officer and State Police, that Lelko was being investigated for criminal activity at Club Latino (Id. at PP 15-17). This led to an embarrassing raid at Club Latino by all police forces (pp 37A-37O). Herion retired as Professor of Medicine from UNC in 1996.

Personal Life

Herion is survived by his wife, two daughters, and son. Additionally, Herion performs as a bagpipe player at memorial services for police officers and military members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.

He is also widely revered for his writing. He published three books chronicling his mob-busting strategies that resulted in thousands of arrests and the dismantlement of various illegal gambling operations.

Herion hails from North Carolina and graduated with honors from Davidson College. There he was honored as both Davidson Distinguished Alumnus and Fellow. Additionally he served in the U.S. Army before being recruited into the FBI’s Vice Detection Unit; Herion later went on to work as technical adviser on various films like Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, Next of Kin with Patrick Swayze and Raw Deal as technical adviser.

Net Worth

Thomas Herion amassed his net worth of $5 Million through acting roles on TV shows and movies, continuing to explore new roles as an attempt to find one suitable role. In addition, Heion continued doing his own stunts. Furthermore, Herion currently owns 298 acres in Colorado as well as possessing an extensive collection of planes, cars, and motorbikes.

He is married to Georgiana Bischoff and has one son named Montana, living in New York City when not acting. Additionally he has three children from his previous marriage to Alma Gonzales: Pilar, Barbara and Gwyneth.

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