Thomas Kegler

Thomas Kegler – Traditional Oil Paintings of Landscape, Still Life and Figure

Thomas Kegler’s traditional oil paintings of landscape, figure and still life paintings reveal both his masterful technique and deep Catholic faith. Each work celebrates nature’s grandeur while paying special attention to often overlooked details and subtleties of its beauty.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Kegler was raised in an intimate family of designers and entrepreneurs, where fly fishing and guiding in Alaska’s backcountry cemented his dream of following an inspiring life path lit more often by sunlight than artificial illumination.

Self-taught realist painter Kegler found inspiration in the techniques employed by Hudson River School painters of the 19th century. He dedicated himself to studying distant mountains, misty atmospheres and lush forests as he searched for ways to recreate what these masters created in their art.

Kegler’s paintings celebrate creation’s grandeur and mystery by carefully paying attention to often-overlooked details. His approach reflects his Catholic faith as well as a commitment to continuous painting skill development; as an example of this commitment he self-produced an instructional documentary film on traditional plein air painting approaches.

Professional Career

Kegler is a self-taught realist painter, accomplished educational film producer, art educator and advocate for future artists – young and old alike. As such, he exhibits with the Salmagundi Club, is recognized by Art Renewal Center Living Masters program, and holds Roycroft Master Artisan status.

His traditional oil paintings convey both tranquil intimacy and expansive grandeur, employing techniques and sensibilities from Hudson River School, Tonalism and Lumanism movements of the mid-1800s.

Western New York’s mountain, lake and woodscapes sparked his passion for painting the landscape, along with trips to Yellowstone. His paintings reflect his confidence gained by living outdoors; his audiences are transfixed and their admiration grows stronger after viewing his works of wonder and reverence; in addition, he advocates for protecting nature’s resources.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Kegler is a prominent contemporary realist painter and art instructor specializing in traditional oil paintings of landscapes, still lives, and figures influenced by the Masters. Thomas is active teaching workshops, presenting to groups, critiquing shows, judging shows and organizing various events related to the arts in New York.

Plein Air Podcast, in which he explores his journey towards artistic success and how his faith affects his work, has been featured by multiple publications such as The Artist’s Magazine and PleinAir Magazine.

Kegler was honored by CLA with an Alumni of Notable Achievement award in 1994 and joined other notable alumni including senior Max Bielfeldt from men’s basketball, as well as sophomore Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman who plays women’s basketball.

Personal Life

Kegler is an established painter and art instructor renowned for his traditional oil paintings of landscapes, still lifes, figures, Old Masters works from Hudson River School as well as Tonalism and Luminism movements of the mid 1800s. He holds the title of Master Roycroft Renaissance Artisan as well as has participated in both group gallery shows as well as solo gallery shows both locally and nationally.

His growing body of works embodies an effortless confidence gained through living an outdoor life. From familiar hills of Western New York and Catskills to majestic mountain scenery in Oregon and Alaska, nature provides his inspiration. Painting allows him to recall emotional personal experiences while its title often references Biblical verses as a way to bridge modern living with ancient wisdom.

Net Worth

Kegler is widely considered one of the most influential artists alive today. His body of work exemplifies a life lived outdoors: his early love for art was fostered in New York state wilderness areas by close-knit families; fly fishing and guiding in Alaska cemented this path illuminated by daylight rather than artificial lighting; more recently the American west has provided endless inspiration and served as his insatiable muse; currently holding onto Master Roycroft Renaissance Artisan status through Roycrofters-at-Large located in East Aurora, NY

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