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He made his initial run for parliament while still in his 20s, running as the Labor candidate in Heysen – an easy Liberal state seat – at the 1997 election, garnering a 12.3 point two-party swing against them.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Kenyon was born in Gawler, South Australia and attended Saint Ignatius College and Flinders University before working as a jackaroo and union organiser before becoming an accountant with Ernst & Young Adelaide.

After 21 years at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he most recently served as director of its Center for Global Health. Prior to that he also held positions as country director in Botswana, Namibia and Ethiopia as well as acting as principal deputy global AIDS Coordinator/Chief Medical Officer of its President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Tom is passionate about service-learning and connecting Kenyon with the Gambier community. He enjoys traveling, Scandinavian salmon and an unusual cinnamon bun called kanelbullar; yet misses experiencing early winter darkness in America.

Professional Career

Tom Kenyon is a board-certified pediatrician and epidemiologist who has spent 17 years living and working abroad in host governments such as Grenada, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. His efforts played a crucial role in expanding national responses that rapidly increased access to HIV prevention, care and treatment programs.

In 2015, he advocated publicly for South Australia to consider imports of spent nuclear fuel as a potential source of funds to fund infrastructure projects and boost the economy. He spoke publicly at events and with media.

Kenyon was appointed unopposed as Labor Party candidate in Newland at the South Australian state election in 2006 and went on to defeat veteran MP Dorothy Kotz by an overwhelming 4.6 point two-party swing margin. He continued serving until 2018.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Kenyon demonstrates his dedication to community through his membership on the Thaddeus Stevens Trade School Alumni Association Board and Boy Scout Troop 84, as well as on Lancaster County Ambulance Association’s board.

Thomas Kenyon has received several honors and awards throughout his career. For instance, in 2008 the Ethiopian Public Health Association honored him with a trophy and certificate of appreciation in appreciation of his leadership, unreserved commitment, and support of EPHA as well as their health sector development program in Ethiopia.

Tom Kenyon produces CDs and tapes with his four-octave voice as the centerpiece. Additionally, sound healing, other instruments (keyboards piano drums rattles Tibetan bells crystal bowls guitar) as well as sound healing are included on these albums and tapes produced by him. Tom serves as a channel for Hathors (Masters of Love and Sound) who have been helping humanity from ancient Egypt and Tibet since antiquity.

Personal Life

Thomas Kenyon is a retired senior official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During his time there, he served as Principal Deputy Global AIDS Coordinator and Chief Medical Officer within President George Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

He currently teaches courses on health and gender issues at Kenyon College, helping to develop their Fulbright Program which was recognized among the top producing colleges by Chronicle of Higher Education. Additionally, he serves as an intermediary channel between humanity and intergalactic beings who offer guidance for healing and transformation: Hathors.

He lives in Neffsville with his wife Anna Mae and their two children. He attends St Peter’s Lutheran Church (Neffsville) and volunteers with the Manheim Township Ambulance Association.

Net Worth

Tom Kenyon is an esteemed politician with an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $6 Million earned through his primary career as a Politician.

Kenyon won election to South Australian Legislative Assembly seat of Newland during the 2006 state election, following former Liberal MP Dorothy Kotz’s retirement and with an astounding 12.5 point two-party swing margin.

Thaddeus Stevens Trade School was deeply appreciative and appreciative of his generosity as demonstrated by his involvement on its Alumni Association Board and by gifting a scoreboard for football team practice sessions.

Thomas L Kenyon serves as Director for Covanta Holding Corp and in the last 18 months has sold zero shares and acquired zero.

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