Thomas Kokonis

Thomas has delighted audiences for over a decade with his energetic personality and improvisational talents, providing endless entertainment. Available for both public and private shows.

He is co-owner and co-founder of the Alinea Group and oversees business development and strategy at their restaurant.

While walking his dog along a busy roadway in North Carolina, he was struck by a vehicle. Subsequently he died later at Norfolk General Hospital.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was an endearing and gentle soul who persevered against physical and medical difficulties with dignity, grace and humor. As an outstanding big brother for James and Christopher – often seeking advice on college coursework or hosting them overnights at his Boston apartment – Thomas often treated them to meals of his creation – such as his signature dish “Kickin’ Chicken”. Thomas loved animals too and especially cared for the two family dogs Katniss and Marshall.

Dagmara created an intimate basement sanctuary for him during a renovation of their Old Town home; here hung several six and 12-string acoustic guitars as well as a Collings bass guitar to provide ample musical inspiration.

Professional Career

Thomas Cokinos, better known as Piano Man, possesses extraordinary musical talent and enhances each performance with his extensive audio engineering knowledge. Bringing with him a portable grand piano and state-of-the-art sound system designed specifically to fit each venue perfectly; coupled with his dynamic stage presence and repertoire that draws in audiences of all ages and song requests from his audiences to bring each performance alive!

At home, Kokonas can often be found playing his Collings electric guitar to “Here Comes the Sun” while relaxing in his music room – a low-ceilinged basement sanctuary created by Dagmara during renovation of their old house. Additionally, he spends his time at his Chicago-based Alinea Group restaurants like three Michelin-star Alinea; Next (an evolving concept restaurant and bar); Aviary (fanciful cocktail lounge that opened concurrently with Next); Roister (open kitchen-with-hearth concept that debuted 2017).

Thomas was passionate about animals and was often seen walking his two dogs, Katniss and Marshall, around Lewisburg. He was proud of being part of his community and enjoyed discovering its culture and energy in his free time.

Personal Life

Thomas Kokonis was an affable, friendly person who took great pleasure in helping out when asked. As a dedicated son and brother, his younger siblings often sought his guidance with college coursework assistance; Thomas hosted them frequently at his Boston home; in his free time he enjoyed watching their soccer matches! He was an avid sports fan – often supporting them when cheering them on!

He enjoys playing guitar since childhood. Dagmara created him his own low-ceiling basement music room using a Collings electric guitar from their Old Town home during its recent renovation, where he often practices. Additionally, he loves reading and tinkering with technology; particularly interested in IoT as an industry.

Net Worth

Thomas Kokonis boasts an estimated net worth of $24 Million. He runs several companies that utilize cutting-edge technologies and software solutions; one such firm, Tock, provides dining reservations system used by over 2,000 restaurants globally.

He is also a partner in Alinea restaurant in Chicago, which has won multiple awards over its long existence. Additionally, Kokonis sits on various boards of several businesses.

He is believed to be married with children. Currently living at 12516 Sycamore View Drive in Potomac, MD; previously at 15 78th Street Ocean City MD and 12349 Sandy Point Ct in Silver Spring MD; associating with Amy G Kenney, Angela C Zambetis Biruk Debebe Tessemma Byron Andrew Hylton Christine Z Hylton among others.

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