Thomas LaBarbera

Thomas LaBarbera

Thomas LaBarbera is an esteemed expert in financial consulting. With more than two decades of experience and a reputation as an engaging public speaker, Thomas LaBarbera stands out as a respected figure within his field.

He is also an accomplished musician, specializing in drumming and clarinet. In his free time he enjoys watching sports talk radio shows with his wife Susan.

Early Life and Education

Thom LaBarbera was an incredible person. When faced with hardship he would reach out and lend an offering of comfort. A husband, father, grandfather, mentor and pillar of the community; Thom always put others before himself and will be missed dearly by those he touched. He will forever remain remembered fondly.

Thomas LaBarbera is survived by his wife Antoinette (Toni) Lesante LaBarbera and four of their five children: Anthony (Kathleen) LaBarbera of Vienna, Virginia; George (Barb) LaBarbera of Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania; Mary Beth DiMaio of Frewsburg Pennsylvania and Thomas LaBarbera himself from Garland Pennsylvania – as well as many nieces and nephews both living and deceased.

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Professional Career

LaBarbera had an outstanding junior career before making the leap to AHL hockey and ultimately playing in 187 NHL games over his career. Additionally, LaBarbera has experienced various goalie coaches over his time so may bring unique insights to help the Flames netminders improve.

He serves on the goaltending coaching staff of his team alongside David Rittich and Jacob Markstrom, and handles daily goalie coaching duties such as morning skates and skill sessions.

Thom takes great pleasure in learning all aspects of hand work throughout his career. He has perfected, expanded and perfected his craft over time while passing down knowledge to Brian – his first son. Additionally, Thom excels at advanced architectural blueprinting.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas LaBarbera is widely recognized for his expertise in home repair and remodeling. Additionally, he is an esteemed jazz musician and composer renowned for over three decades of playing saxophone and piano performance with notable artists like Elena Kapeleris and Tom Juhas on several albums recorded over those same three decades.

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Personal Life

Thomas LaBarbera is well-known within the community. With four children and many grandchildren to care for, he is generous with his time and resources; always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. An avid traveler himself, Thomas also takes pleasure in spending quality time with his loved ones.

He boasts an expansive set of engineering skills and artistic sensibility that he uses to help others with their home projects. Known for being able to fix anything quickly, he takes great pride in getting it done right the first time around.

He is married to Antoinette Lesante LaBarbera and they share four children – Anthony, Kathleen, Mary Beth and Thomas. Additionally he adores nine grandchildren including Wesley, Holly and Brandon who live in Jamestown as well as Michael Christine Kaylea from Vienna Virginia.

Net Worth

Thom LaBarbera was renowned for his generous spirit. Always looking to offer help and often placing others before himself, he was loved and missed by all who knew him – his legacy lives on through his wife Beverly (Rohacik) LaBarbera, sons Brian and Marco as well as two daughter-in-laws and two granddaughters Peyton and Nina as well as many nieces and nephews.

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