Thomas Lankey

Thomas Lankey is a Billionaire in His 20s

Thomas Lankey can take great pride in his accomplishments as the Mayor of Edison Township. He has helped strengthen its economy, reduce unemployment rates and keep property taxes at a reasonable level.

But he must also navigate a contentious local Democratic party, which made him unwelcome for backing Keith Hahn for mayor as a Republican candidate this summer.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Lankey is a lifelong resident of Edison Township and currently serves as its mayor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Delaware and currently works at JFK Health System as senior vice president; additionally, he sits on Magyar Bank’s board as well as Huntington’s Disease Society of New Jersey boards of directors.

Lankey recently made headlines for his hard-line approach towards the Edison Eight, a group of local leaders accused of disseminating an allegedly racist flyer during a 2017 school board race. These eight leaders included Councilman Ayjay Patil; School Board member Jerry Shi; Mahesh Bhagia (also chairman of local Democratic Municipal Committee); and his brother Raj.

On Tuesday, Lankey informed the Middlesex County Clerk that he would withdraw from the mayoral race after local Democratic organization supported Bhagia over Sam Joshi for primary voting in June.

Professional Career

Thomas has never missed a snap during his 10-year NFL career with the Cleveland Browns, even through firings, an unsuccessful experiment with Rob Chudzinski and losing Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz to other teams. This record stands as an outstanding testament to Thomas’ dedication and endurance in his profession.

He’s a simple man with modest goals–good health and success in his chosen profession. At 50, his body may no longer support such ambitions, yet there’s still three or four years for him to prove himself.

Edison residents will go to the polls Tuesday for a four-year term mayoral election that pits Thomas Lankey against former Edison Democratic Chairman Keith Hahn, a Republican who recently switched parties and ran as one. Lankey has two sons and serves on boards at Magyar Bank and Huntington’s Disease Society of New Jersey.

Achievement and Honors

Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey recently made headlines when he announced he is withdrawing his bid for reelection this November. Lankey informed the Middlesex County Clerk that himself and council candidates Michael Lombardi, Lav Patel, and Alvaro Gomez will withdraw their names from ballot.

Lankey has long been recognized by Triple C Housing for his dedication and service, receiving their Community Impact Award this year along with Family Advisory Board Members Leslie Stivale and Carol Scardaci.

Lankey’s decision follows after the Edison Democratic Committee awarded its mayoral line to Sam Joshi – defeating Mahesh Bhagia and another contender from Middlesex County Democratic Party – as part of an apparent move intended as payback for Bhagia’s win at committee reorganization. It’s widely seen as a means to seek revenge against Bhagia.

Personal Life

As mayor of Edison, Lankey is also a senior vice president at JFK Health System and sits on Magyar Bank’s board. Additionally, he’s active within his community, volunteering for various local organizations.

Rose Angela Filippi, with whom he shared a longtime romantic relationship, recently completed their celebration at Hackensack Meridian JFK Hartwyck at Edison Estates where Filippi is employed as healthcare administrator.

Lankey announced his endorsement of Democratic mayoral candidate Sam Joshi after his win at the June primary over Mahesh Bhagia, as municipal chairman. Joshi will face Republican Keith Hahn as well as council candidates Lav Patel, Michael Lombardi and Alvaro Gomez at this November’s election. For more information about Lankey family history visit AncientFaces.

Net Worth

Thomas Lankey has amassed an impressive net worth despite his criminal past. As one of only four self-made billionaires under 30 and ranking number 655 on Forbes’ list thanks to DoorDash food delivery service, he stands as proof that criminality does not lead to ruin.

His estimated net worth is $15 Million.

GuruFocus indicates that since 2006 he has completed over three trading transactions. His average return for stocks purchased within 3 months averages 7.98% and over 15,000 SIGA Technologies Inc shares have been sold since then for an average sales price of $118,063.945 which represents a considerable gain for him.

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