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Tom McLoughlin

Tom McLoughlin was a man of many talents. His gift for helping others was clear; he always found ways to enhance the lives of those he came in contact with.

He has over two decades of experience in clinical packaging and project management, as well as expertise in both tax-exempt fixed income markets.

Early Life and Education

Tom McLoughlin was a kind and gentle soul who found great pleasure in making those around him laugh – something he excelled at doing frequently. His legacy will live on through his family members including wife, children, siblings and in-laws who will miss his company so greatly.

He enjoyed teaching students both indoor and outdoor classroom settings. At Silas Deane Middle School in Wethersfield he provided sixth-graders with the Rite of Passage Experience program aimed at helping them navigate nature’s obstacles.

As soon as he and his family moved to New Hampshire 24 years ago, he continued weaving his unique blend of humility, common sense, compassion, and humor into their new community. He was especially dedicated to supporting non-traditional students; believing they could thrive if given space, knowledge and ability to learn their way.

Professional Career

Thomas McLoughlin is a partner at BDO USA, LLP where he oversees their local Commercial Assurance practice. His clients span multiple industries but he specializes in serving multinational insurance providers specifically.

Since moving to New Hampshire 24 years ago with his young family, he has quietly made a positive mark through his combination of humility, common sense, compassion and humor in the community. He began volunteering for Sutton Fire Department while becoming involved with Musterfield Farm Museum and Kearsarge Regional High School.

He was also involved with Wethersfield youth services department’s Rite of Passage Experience, helping children develop confidence and skills by hiking or participating in ropes courses. According to his wife, he loved nature and children equally and combined both passions into a career teaching in classrooms both indoors and out.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McLoughlin quietly gave back to his community. Devoted his life to public service, and recognized by Governor Michael Dukakis with the 1985 Manuel Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service in 1985.

His loving wife Terrylyn Attardo McLoughlin survives him, along with children Paul McLoughlin and Kelli and Erin McLoughlin Lambert; grandchildren Brynne, Cole, and Jack Lambert; sister Winnifred McCoy with husband Dino DeLorenzi; brother Tom; as well as nephews Joseph and Brian.

Apart from his professional achievements, Mr. Martin enjoyed golf and flying. Additionally, he was immensely proud of his family and often attended their various sporting events – leaving behind an indelible mark upon all who knew him. We will miss him greatly.

Personal Life

Tom McLoughlin was an unassuming man who shared his many talents with those close to him. He took great pride in directing One Dark Night movie.

Throughout the 1970s, he wrote for Van Dyke and Company and played S.T.A.R in Disney’s film, The Black Hole. Additionally, he played Katahdin in 1979 horror flick Prophecy.

Mr. DeStefano also taught science at Silas Deane Middle School in Wethersfield and loved working with children to use his knowledge of nature to assist their learning and growth, according to his wife.

McLoughlin was the loving husband and father of Helena McLoughlin for 62 years. As father, he was proud of Cheryl-Anne Boccadoro (with Joseph), Nikki Murphy (and Eddie), Maggie Cignarella and John Cignarella from Norfolk as well as George McLoughlin with Diane from Plainville; also cherishing being Grandpa to Cheryl-Anne, Anthony, AJ Boccadoro as well as Corey, Patrick Kitiara and Logan Rosmus among his grandchildren.

Net Worth

Tom McLoughlin has amassed an estimated net worth between $1-$6 Million from his career as a soccer player.

Thomas has demonstrated throughout her distinguished career a remarkable ability to connect with audiences and engage viewers regardless of program genre. Her natural on-screen presence coupled with dedication and professionalism have ensured her ongoing success.

She is also a dedicated philanthropist, dedicating both time and resources to local charities. Her efforts have raised awareness for various causes within education, health and child welfare. Furthermore, she works closely with children in developing their talents and abilities – her inquisitiveness evident even outside the screen.

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