Thomas Miranda

Thomas Miranda – American Bowhunter and TV Host

Tom Miranda is an American bowhunter and television host who showcases his archery adventures on ESPN and VERSUS. Born January 21st he annually celebrates his birthday.

He serves as Healthcare Construction Executive at EW Howell Construction Group and oversees numerous projects at Long Island hospitals and medical offices.

Early Life and Education

Tom Miranda had an exciting start in life. Growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood of New York City and falling in love with salsa music and Broadway musicals were among his many passions; eventually becoming involved with numerous shows on Broadway where he would star as well as being recognized for being an incredible singer.

Early in his youth, he joined the Walnut Creek Trap Club as “trap boy.” Additionally, he went hunting trips with Jeff Turner from next door and became fascinated with hunting trips. Trapping was soon added into his repertoire of skills; throughout junior and high school years, he trapped raccoon, muskrat, and mink for food.

Once he graduated from Wesleyan, he established his own trapping business and gained national attention through being featured in an article for Fur-Fish-Game magazine on his trapping skills. Later on he started as a bowhunter TV host and writer.

Professional Career

Thomas Miranda is a physician in Springdale, Arkansas specializing in family medicine for over thirty years.

Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital and Washington Regional Medical Center. He obtained his medical degree from St Matthew’s Univ Grand Cayman.

Before the pandemic struck, he was an undergraduate first-generation college student who provided for both his family and young sibling by working hard at school.

Miranda developed a correspondence technique that he would employ throughout his lifetime, while studying culture and customs from across different regions he visited. Later settling in Charleston and Philadelphia, Miranda organized a filibustering expedition aimed at liberating Venezuela.

Achievement and Honors

Tom Miranda decided to pursue his true passion, the outdoors, after being cut from his baseball team in October 1977. Working odd jobs and with an eye toward becoming an experienced trapper, his outdoor adventures became widely known and eventually led to him having his own ESPN show: Outdoor Adventures with Tom Miranda.

The show focused on outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, jet flying (including Navy F-14 training), bow hunting and mountaineering – making it a hit that aired for several years on Saturday mornings.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Thomas Kail and Andy Blankenbuhler of Hamilton received the 2018 Kennedy Center Honor – an extraordinary award given to young artists for creating groundbreaking work that transcends categories – which was presented to them for the London production which won seven Olivier Awards as well.

Personal Life

Thomas Miranda is married and the proud parent of two children. A longtime resident of Huntington, New York and supporter of the arts – Miranda is best known as being behind Hamilton: an enormously popular musical about Alexander Hamilton that ran on Broadway.

He possesses a passion for outdoor activities, having displayed his bow hunting adventures on ESPN, Versus and other television networks. His ability to produce creative yet dramatic footage along with his storytelling talents have earned top ratings at every network on which he appears.

He first dated Bernie Cassidy from 1980-1981 before their divorce. Later he met Sandy Jessop and married her in 1996; the two are still together today and enjoy an idyllic family life despite the hectic nature of their travel schedules.

Net Worth

Miranda makes money through both acting and music. In 2015 alone he is said to have earned around $6.4 Million from Broadway musical ‘Hamilton,’ as it continues touring across North America earning royalties and profits for him.

As well as his television shows – Outdoor Adventure Magazine, Advantage Adventures, Whitetail SLAM Competition Line Fox and Coyote Trapping and Territories Wild -, he has also published several books.

Miranda is an enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast who relishes many activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, jet flying (including Navy F-14 training), scuba diving and bull riding. Additionally he takes great delight in hunting and fishing; loves writing music; composes musical compositions; as well as providing charity work in his community.

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