Thomas Naughton

Thomas Naughton serves as President of Maximus’ Federal Citizen Services division and oversees its largest book of business – benefit appeals and independent medical reviews.

Naughton also manages large-scale federal customer call and processing centers, according to his biography.

George Naughton leaves behind his wife, Reba Naughton, as well as three of his children – George, Tom and Patty Hansen all from Springfield VA.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Naughton was born June 16, 1926 and became a member of Mensa shortly thereafter. He loved learning, was extremely generous in nature and would regularly assist those with disabilities to learn how to read without ever charging them anything for his services; truly an outstanding individual whom will be missed greatly by many.

He served in the Army’s counterintelligence branch. Debriefing released prisoners of war before transporting them back home was one of his key duties; additionally he participated in intelligence operations throughout Germany.

He is survived by his wife, Reba; three children – George Naughton from Temple, Pennsylvania, Thomas Naughton Jr from Martin, Tennessee and Patricia Hansen from Springfield; eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Professional Career

Thomas Naughton is currently a partner and portfolio manager at Prusik Investment LLP, managing the Asian Equity Income Fund. Prior to this he served as Managing Director and founder of NeoCarta Ventures before being Vice President for GE Equity’s private equity arm GE and GE Capital’s GE Equity, as Vice President. Thomas holds both an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Dartmouth College as well as an MBA with high distinction from Tuck School of Business.

He enjoyed reading, flying, history, New York Times crossword puzzles, Snickers bars, black coffee and Western art as hobbies in his free time – among these were Mensa membership and membership with their organization.

Naughton currently serves as President of Maximus Federal Citizen Services, where he oversees benefit appeals and independent medical review services. Additionally, his expertise lies in workers’ compensation claims such as analyzing and setting aside reserves for claims.

Achievement and Honors

Naughton has long been active in Colorado Springs’ community. He was one of the founding sponsors of Art on the Streets, an initiative which has funded hundreds of pieces of public art across Colorado Springs’ downtown district, and served on its board of directors. Additionally, Naughton served on the board for his local Chamber of Commerce.

Recently he assisted the government in improving health outcomes for millions of Americans as operator of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s main information line. He spearheaded an intensive outreach campaign designed to keep citizens abreast of COVID-19 news while scheduling vaccination appointments.

Naughton was also a proud member of the esteemed UB chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honor society. Each year this chapter awards an Evan Pugh Scholarship to outstanding juniors and seniors in the top 0.5 percent of their classes.

Personal Life

Naughton was charged with indecent assault against four altar boys during his time with the order, including Mervyn Rundle who was only 10 at the time and reported Naughton having inappropriately touched him to his mother who then called the police immediately.

Once out of the priesthood, Naughton married Olga Plaza – Arnold Plaza’s sister – and started a large family, including ten children. To support this large household Naughton held various jobs – even bartending at night!

He later relocated his family to Iron River and began teaching in the Superior School District at Nemadji School. The children remember Naughton fondly, recalling him as an inspiring figure who taught them respect, loyalty, and the value of family unity.

Net Worth

Thomas Naughton boasts a net worth of $25 Million. Throughout his career he has established an excellent standing within his industry, including serving as director and owning shares in Park Hotels & Resorts Inc; additionally owning shares in AvalonBay Communities Inc and Welltower Inc.

He has completed two insider trading transactions within the last year and earned an average return of 0.88%, which compares with 1.84% for the NASDAQ Composite index.

Naughton was a retired Army major who specialized in counterintelligence matters. He passed away April 1, 1999 from renal failure at his Springfield home, leaving behind his wife Reba M. Naughton and three children – George Naughton (Temple Pa.), Thomas Jr (Martin Tenn) and Patty Hansen from Springfield) as well as eight grandchildren to mourn his loss.

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