Thomas Orf

Thomas Orf – Tenor Singer and Teacher

Tom Orf is an award-winning tenor singer and teacher. His performances span musical theatre, opera and Gregorian Chant; he graduated magna cum laude with degrees in both French and music from Drake University. Tom has participated in solo song recitals sponsored by various Chicago organizations as well as singing with Rockefeller Chapel Choir as well as American Ritual Theatre Company and Bailiwick Repertory companies.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was born in a small town outside Savannah, Georgia. Unfortunately, Thomas lost both parents when he was still young, leaving his mother and him living under his strict maternal grandmother who taught them hard work ethic.

Thomas distinguished himself in his poetry by forgoing contemporary trends, opting instead to focus on intense lyricism and emotion instead. This style became incredibly popular during Romanticism.

As an advocate of liberal arts and sciences education, she strongly believes in its power to foster curiosity and civic engagement. With more than 25 years of experience shaping student intellectual life at Loyola University Chicago before coming to Tufts University Chicago for 10 years in various roles (graduate program director/department chair in counseling psychology etc), she was instrumental in shaping its strategic direction.

Professional Career

Tom possesses an extraordinary voice which he has used to perform Gregorian chant and sacred music on numerous recordings, conduct choral ensembles and orchestras worldwide, serve as composer-in-residence at New Haven Symphony and Tanglewood Music Center, serve as composer-in-residence, etc.

Thomas was named to the All-Star squad during his rookie year and helped guide his team to its first winning record since rejoining the league in 1999. Additionally, NBC Sports has appointed him as an NBA color commentator.

This course was an exercise in futility. The professor assigned reading as homework, then used that information to generate 40 quiz questions every week that he attempted to control himself on. Each time we took tests he used different quiz questions as an incentive.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas was a well-regarded solo singer, performing for organizations like the Chicago Architecture Foundation and Alliance Francaise. Additionally, he was part of American Ritual Theatre Company and Bailiwick Repertory.

He has received various honors and awards, such as the Horatio Alger Scholarship. This prestigious honor recognizes students who show integrity and determination when facing adversity on their way to success.

He has published in numerous scholarly publications such as Semiotica, Journal of International Association for Semiotic Studies (JIASS), Toronto Studies in Semiotics (TSiS) and other journals, serving on editorial boards of several academic publications as an editorial board member or author. A Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences; awarded with American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award as well as Indiana University President’s Medal of Excellence Award, Honorary Membership into Hungarian Academy of Sciences membership award;

Net Worth

David Orf is estimated to have an estimated net worth of more than $1 Million dollars, as owner of ORF television channel 3Sat which specializes in culture and science programming, Austrian programs to German-French culture channel ARTE as well as Bavarian education channel Bayern Alpha are his purview.

David Orf reportedly completed three trades of CBSH stock over the past year, according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. On 2 March 2021 he sold 430 units for over $32,788. Ultimately he owns over 27,978 shares valued at more than $1 Million in this company.

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