Thomas Sandbichler

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Austrian artist Peter Sandbichler creates monumental sculptures from humble materials like newspaper and cardboard, often creating large-scale installations in Kunstraum Dornbirn such as TWIST #03 or SKULL #6 spiral installations for Kunstraum Dornbirn – this book serves as an invaluable record of his project.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Sandbichler is an architect with vast experience in integrative architectural design and energy-efficient building principles, having held positions at both the United States Environmental Protection Agency and New York City Department of Transportation.

Heidrun Sandbichler’s body of work poetically expresses individual and society-wide distress. Shorn of formalism, it demands silence and attention – suggesting rather than shouting its message through an aesthetic approach that transcends blanket statements.

Sandbichler created two massive cardboard sculptures for Kunstraum Dornbirn in Austria – TWIST #3 and SKULL #6. This catalog offers comprehensive documentation of these monumental installations from their construction to final installation, as well as featuring an in-depth interview with Sandbichler himself and detailed photo documentation of each large installation.

Professional Career

Thomas Sandbichler has created a body of work that poetically and movingly captures individual suffering as well as society’s collective wounds. Her art suggests rather than dictates; its aesthetic approach goes beyond simplistic statements.

Hankook Meet the Team event held during an ABB FIA Formula E World Championship race weekend was well attended, drawing in more than one hundred journalists to the Media Center for this exciting event.

Sandbichler created two monumental sculptures for Kunstraum Dornbirn: TWIST # 3 (cardboard spiral) and SKULL # 6, each over 6 meters tall. An accompanying book documents their construction from beginning to end as well as providing insight into Sandbichler’s creative practice.

Achievement and Honors

He has earned numerous accolades and honors in his professional career. In 2011, Ernst and Young named him one of the top 20 young entrepreneurs in the US by awarding him with their Entrepreneur of the Year prize. Additionally, in 2011 he also received John L. Scott Foundation’s Future Leader of Real Estate award.

Logan has received multiple awards and honors from Diman Institute’s Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program for his outstanding achievements during his four years at Diman. Logan stands out as an outstanding student achieving high honors at each step in his journey through Diman.

Sandbichler was fascinated with perception, modular structures and their effect on viewers; thus he created two giant sculptures for Kunstraum Dornbirn: TWIST # 03 is a 26-metre cardboard spiral and SKULL # 06 measures the area of the former assembly hall. This book documents both installations from their construction to final unveiling.

Personal Life

Thomas Sandbichler was raised by his grandmother and grandfather during a tumultuous childhood, who now support him financially as full-time artists working from their Accord, New York studio.

He belongs to a generation that came of age during the 1980s, which saw rapid economic growth, growing wealth disparities, global mass media coverage and distinctive music and fashion trends – influences which inform his work today.

He is a member of MUMOK Factory, an international collective of artists who consider themselves “illusionists”, or reproducers, of media they use in their work. Additionally, he serves as lecturer and public speaker on topics relating to art and science – and is happily married with one daughter.

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