Thomas Shanks

Thomas Shanks, 49, Was Convicted of Murdering Vickie Fletcher in a Pub Car Park

Tom Shanks’ life has seen dramatic transformation. Once trained as an SAS soldier, he switched careers and now saves lives as a doctor at Worcester Royal Infirmary.

At his trial, he denied murder but confessed to manslaughter while alleging Gulf War Syndrome had affected his mind. A minimum sentence of 18 years was handed down for this incident.

Early Life and Education

Tom Shanks remained true to his Scottish roots throughout his life. His drawings and paintings captured an authentic sense of place inspired by childhood trips from Glasgow to Skye with his family, filled with sketches and doodles on bits of paper in his house and widely considered remarkable for their authenticity.

At his trial, Shanks was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Although his defense of Gulf War syndrome was dismissed as “spurious”,

He was released from prison following a Parole Board hearing and is believed to have returned home, where his wife June, two daughters and three grandchildren remain.

Professional Career

Thomas Shanks, 49, a consultant anaesthetist from the former SAS unit has been sentenced to life imprisonment after shooting dead Vickie Fletcher after she broke off their engagement and began seeing another former patient instead of him. A Sheffield crown court trial concluded on the killing with no defence claims of Gulf war syndrome being accepted as valid arguments by Shanks against conviction.

Thomas Shanks will find great success in finance and investment, though he should avoid dubious speculative activities. Business expansions should come smoothly thanks to support from superiors and those in responsible positions. Travel is likely as is exposure to health related problems such as alcohol or drugs use.

Achievement and Honors

Shanks rose above a difficult childhood in Blackhill to become an SAS soldier, serving in both the Falklands and Gulf Wars while receiving commendations in despatches before transitioning into medical training.

Once his health had improved, he relocated to Worcester Royal Infirmary where he served as an anaesthetist for 30 years. Known for his academic research into American and Civil War history, and often leading night study groups.

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Personal Life

Shanks left the SAS with outstanding references describing him as courageous, honest, and well-motivated. Upon discharge he completed O and A levels before going on to Birmingham University to qualify as a doctor.

As previously reported by Vickie Fletcher’s brother-in-law, Paul Davison had always been violent; once head-butting a policeman after being arrested for drink driving. On May 7, 1998 he murdered Vickie with an AK47 assault rifle smuggled from the Gulf War to the UK from Germany.

She was on a date night with her new partner when Shanks approached them outside Castlefields pub in Castleford, West Yorkshire and shot two bursts from his Russian-made rifle at her. Ten of 15 bullets struck home; after fleeing, he eventually turned himself over to Scotland authorities after speaking with his former spouse to surrender himself.

Net Worth

He has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows as an actor, writer, director, award nominee, and has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million.

Born in 1970 and currently 52 years old, he attended the University of British Columbia before appearing in several stage productions at this same university. Later he went on to make several television appearances such as in ‘Highlander’, ‘University Hospital” as well as ‘Stargate SG-1″ and “Hope”.

Virginia E Shanks, an Independent Director at Altria, has made eight trades of Altria stock over the last seven years and exercised 6,371 units on 24 May 2023, worth an estimated value of $782,428. Additionally, she serves on both boards – Skillman Foundation and Detroit Institute of Arts – where she also sits as an officer.

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