Thomas Stephens

Thomas Stephens

Tom Stephens of Olean, New York specializes in family, marital and child counseling and has over two decades of experience as a social worker.

Stephens was greatly shocked when he discovered that numerous Jesuits had been killed in a massacre at Cuncolim, leaving a lasting impact. This experience left an indelible mark upon him.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Stephens was born in Prattsville (Grant County). As his family struggled financially, Thomas worked on their farm during summer vacation picking cotton and operating a mule-drawn plow.

Stephens then relocated to Winchester, where he soon developed an emotional attachment to Thomas Pounde – an eccentric character with whom they shared common aspirations and aesthetic tastes. Together they planned to travel together to Rome in order to join the Society of Jesus; but on their departure date Pounde was betrayed and jailed.

Padre Estevao became well known to Goan locals as Padre Estevao. In addition, he mastering Konkani (the native dialect), writing grammar manuals for Christian doctrine as well as being an accomplished poet writing literary Marathi (spoken by Maharashtra saints).

Professional Career

Thomas Stephens possesses an extensive portfolio as an investor, entrepreneur and corporate executive specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). He has founded multiple businesses from scratch as well as successfully raised capital across industries.

Stephens became a regular visitor to Rachol, one of the Goan hinterland’s premier mission centers. While giving evidence before various select committees, he advocated better teacher training, higher salaries and regular inspections of schools.

He served on numerous departmental, college and university committees at both UA and Rutgers. Additionally, he participated in many civic and business activities; hosting many notable business and political leaders on his 6,000-acre quail hunting plantation; longstanding supporter of University of Arkansas basketball team under Coach Frank Broyles as well as many civic activities.

Achievement and Honors

Father Stephens Academy educational trust operates a primary and secondary school from kindergarten to SSC class in Giriz Vasai village in district Palghar in Maharashtra; its founder and chairman are Mr. Andrew Joseph Colaco and Mr. Jayanth Singh respectively.

One of Stephens’s first successes was his experiment in creating a catechism [doutrina] in local language which proved “extremely fruitful”, according to Acquaviva. Stephens used creative accommodationist approaches designed to explain Catholic doctrine in ways which fit within Salsette convert culture and speak directly to individuals for whom Christianity was new experience.

Stephens gained international renown, garnering inquiries from scholars throughout Europe. This anthology showcases his correspondence with Irish and continental European scholars such as Jacob Grimm (linguist) and Leopold von Ranke (historian).

Personal Life

Thomas Stephens is a highly renowned business leader. As an advisor and investor to private equity firms and business owners alike, as well as serving on advisory and operational periodicals for publication. Furthermore, Thomas speaks frequently at national and international business conferences.

In his letter to his brother he details the horrific massacre of Jesuits at Cuncolim and expresses fear for his own life. He quotes Jeremiah’s prophecy that Rama will become the place where voices will be heard ‘and Rachel will weep for her children.’

Fr Thomas Stephens SJ, who we commemorate this year on his 400th death anniversary, was an exceptional linguist and translator, pastoral priest and accomplished writer – even being described in one journal article as the ‘Shakespeare of India’! However, none of this diminished his value as an exceptional provider of pastoral care.

Net Worth

She and her husband have two daughters. She is actively engaged in her community by hosting various charitable events and hosting a popular podcast; additionally she serves on the Board of Directors for Hillsborough Education Foundation as well as owning a 6,000-acre quail hunting plantation in southern Georgia.

She Co-Wrote Miley Cyrus’ 2009 Hit “Party in the USA”. Her husband, Kali Woodruff is a professional golfer. They married in 2019, live in Little River South Carolina with one son and are extremely content together; having been together for over 10 years. When not golfing they enjoy spending time at their Georgia farm where they keep many animals. In particular they love riding horses and hunting. Together they have amassed quite a fan following and are highly sought-after couples.

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