Thomas Summers

Thomas Summers

Thomas Summers was an advocate for those on the fringe. With an acute sense of social justice and a focus on LGBT advocacy, Thomas Summers remains indelibly connected with both Krista Lyon Sharma and Rakesh, and Michael P Stumpo II and family.

500 Days of Summer offers an unconventional love story between Tom and Summer; their relationship differs significantly from traditional relationships in that their roles have been reversed.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Summers was born in Ashland, Kentucky and raised in West Virginia boarding houses. He attended one-room schools until moving on to work as door-to-door salesperson and auto assembly line worker.

He earned his Juris Doctorate at Duquesne University Law School in 2015 and is admitted to practice before both Pennsylvania courts as well as United States District Court for Western District of Pennsylvania. He specializes in workers’ compensation defense litigation, commercial litigation and nursing home defense litigation.

His legacy will live on through his wife, Joan; daughters Penny and Mary Fitzpatrick as well as sons Michael and Jack Fitzpatrick; grandchildren Samantha Grace Brock Emily great-grandchildren Tylin Ryen as well as sister Nancy Roselee Summers Stumpo as his guide; nieces nephews cousins as well as many wonderful friends.

Professional Career

Thomas Summers boasts an extensive and distinguished professional career that spans across multiple companies. With more than 19 years of work experience and holding several aviation certificates – such as his Commercial Pilot’s License – in his pocket, Thomas boasts not only professional credentials but also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Thomas has served in both executive and engineering consultant capacities throughout his career. With an emphasis on customer service and developing innovative solutions, he has worked on various projects and cultivated an expansive clientele base.

Recently, David Webber has become embroiled in a public corruption probe. Last year he was interviewed by federal agents as part of their probe into possible bribe payments made to Mayor Webber of Markham and, despite being interrogated by agents, denied knowledge about them.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Summers distinguished himself in research during his long and distinguished career. He earned several accolades as a scholar – receiving a prestigious fellowship and publishing numerous works – while being part of various professional organizations and serving on multiple local boards as an active volunteer.

He currently serves as chief of the Rotary Club of Gainesville and has participated in many philanthropic endeavors, with particular interest in wildlife conservation and protection, scuba diving, raptor rescue efforts and conservation projects.

He was an outstanding family man and valued his relationships. Upon his passing he was surrounded by his loved ones and friends; he will be greatly missed. To show our respect we request donations be made in lieu of flowers to Heartland Hospice.

Personal Life

Tom was an amazing husband, dad, and grandfather – loved by all who knew him! He leaves behind his loving wife of 62 years Ruth; children Penny, Jack and Jeffrey; granddaughter Samantha Thomas Grace Brock Emily Heath as well as great-grandchildren Tylin River Ryen who will miss him deeply.

Tom and his family enjoyed camping, fishing and spending time with friends. His generous spirit never let anyone down and was always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. A man of faith who deeply loved his family.

Tom will be laid to rest near Rambling River at his favorite fishing spot, followed by a memorial service and donations can be made directly to Kaukauna Clinic instead of flowers. Our thanks go out to all who provided care for Tom over these last months.

Net Worth

Media attention overwhelmingly focusses on his roles in horror films such as The Wicker Man and The Omen, though he has also appeared in various television series.

RPM International’s public filings reveal that Summers has made at least six trades of its stock, acquiring 20,282 units worth more than $6 Million in this way.

He ran for office as a Republican State Senator from Maine but lost to Independent Governor Angus King in 2012. His political views align with conservative principles; privately, he held positions at various companies while in real estate investing/owning multiple properties; in addition, he founded The Summers Group.

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