Thomas Vision

Thomas Vision

Thomas is an expert in fitting difficult contact lenses and treating dry eye disease, serving as both an instructor at University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry and clinical provider for InfantSee.

He is well known to be friendly and generous. However, those who threaten the Kamisato clan often come under his fire – an attribute which attracted the notice of the gods, who bestowed him with their fiery Vision.

Early Life and Education

Thoma is one of the first characters the Traveler meets upon arriving in Inazuma. As an established fixer, he can assist them in getting everything necessary for living in Ritou. Furthermore, he serves as head retainer for Kamisato clan and remains loyal to Ayaka.

Thomas is a conservative justice who takes an unconventional approach to lawmaking, believing that race matters and affirmative action is a form of reverse racism. He frequently makes these points in opinions issued by his court; these views appear more frequently as law.

She graduated (with honors) from the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry in 2008, and currently belongs to three optometric societies – American Optometric Association, Greater Ozarks Contact Lens Society and Heart of America Contact Lens Society. Her special interests include fitting contact lenses for medical eye conditions as well as treating glaucoma.

Professional Career

Thomas demonstrated his dedication to service throughout his Army career and academic advisory role. This ultimately led him to enroll in SNU’s Master of Leadership program where he gained valuable insight into practical leadership techniques.

Thoma has the ability to get along well with just about anyone, putting his ability into practice by helping Inazuma City residents from dignitaries to street vendors alike. Additionally, this skill allows him to strike deals for Yashiro Commission while staying out of trouble himself.

She is a proud member of the American Optometric Association, Greater Ozarks Optometric Society and Pierre Laclede Honors College at UMSL. Additionally, she has participated in multiple humanitarian trips providing free eye examinations and glasses to those in need. Her special interests include primary eye care services for adults as well as treating glaucoma and fitting contact lenses.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Vision has earned numerous awards and honors over his distinguished career. In 2007, he received the BMI Composer of Vision award, was honored with a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, and two-time American Vision Awards winners.

Weber Thompson’s sustainable commercial office project, DATA 1, was honored with the Vision Award for Water at the Seattle 2030 District Vision Awards ceremony held October 12th. These prestigious awards recognize individuals in our community who are helping transform Seattle’s urban environment.

Thomas and Antonella both won American Vision Awards at the 2023 Scholastic Art Show, making them winners of regional competition and entering into national competition via nomination and committee review processes.

Personal Life

Thomas’ unique background as an Army officer and commitment to serving others made the Master of Leadership program an ideal fit for his goals. The practical leadership approaches taught within its coursework combined with its welcoming cohort group fostered his enthusiasm for learning new things while making an impactful difference in society.

Following his encounter with Immortus, Vision realizes he was created from remnants of the original Human Torch, giving him a stronger sense of his identity and leading him and Wanda to marry in Giant-Size Avengers #4 (June 1975). Later, writer John Byrne swapped Vision’s mind with that of Anti-Vision which restored it back to red skinned appearance along with full emotional control capabilities for both heroes.

Net Worth

Tom provides advice to high-net-worth individuals and their families regarding the income tax, corporate, and compliance aspects of complex business and investment transactions, with particular expertise in family office management companies, private investment funds and complex incentive equity programs.

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