Thomas Warfield

Thomas Warfield

Thomas Warfield is an international performing artist residing in six countries. He’s known as a composer, pianist, singer/dancer, model actor director producer educator.

He’s a senior lecturer of dance at RIT/NTID, having performed on stage, TV shows and films in over 100 cities worldwide. Additionally he works with children, the elderly and mentally/physically disabled people.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Warfield is an award-winning dancer, singer, pianist player, composer, actor and teacher who has performed in over 100 cities around the world. Born to a minister father and the nephew of internationally acclaimed singers William Warfield and Leontyne Price he hails from a musical family background himself.

He began his musical journey by taking lessons at a local music store before studying piano in Rochester and at the Eastman School of Music. Additionally to international performances, he has led workshops and classes in ballet, jazz, modern, African-based dance composition improvisation piano voice acting poetry poetry performance poetry etc.

Warfield is an active member of his community, holding positions such as vice president and founding board member for MuCCC Theatre as well as former president for ARTWalk. Additionally, he serves on the RIT President’s Commission on Diversity and Performing Arts Task Force and as founder/director of PeaceArt International.

Professional Career

Thomas Warfield has made over one hundred cities around the world his stage for over 30 years as an actor, dancer, composer, choreographer, music and theatre director, producer, educator activist poet. This includes The Metropolitan Opera in New York City; Martha’s Vineyard Yard on Martha’s Vineyard; three U.S prisons as well as giving solo concerts – an impressive list.

Warfield also founded and serves as president of PeaceArt International, a community-building through arts global outreach project. Additionally, he served as founding member and former president of ARTWalk and the Association of Teaching Artists before serving on Rochester Fringe Festival’s Board as well as Rochester Area Community Foundation boards, Memorial Art Gallery Director’s Advisory Boards and Eastman School of Music Action Commission for Racial Justices boards.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Warfield has lived and performed across six countries. As a singer-dancer-actor-model-composer-pianist-choreographer-director-producer-educator-activist-poet, his repertoire encompasses singer, dancer actor model model composer pianist choreographer director producer educator activist poet activist poet educator activist educator activist educator activist poet educator activist poet activist educator activist educator activist educator poet activist educator activist poet educator activist educator activist educator poet educator activist educator activist poet activist educator and activist. He held numerous leadership roles such as Director of Dance at RIT/NTID for 24 years as well as chairing President’s Commission Pluralism Inclusion Performing Arts Task Force chairing him.

On Sept. 27, Eastman will honor him with its New York State Commendation Award and unveil a bronze sculpture he designed that will be unveiled during an event to be hosted by PeaceArt International, his global community building through arts initiative that he serves as artistic director for. Additionally, he teaches at NTID in Rochester while living nearby.

Personal Life

Thomas was raised with music as his lifeblood; his mother was a minister, his father a conductor, and William Warfield and Leontyne Price are his uncles – three acclaimed singers whose careers span stage, TV and film worldwide as renowned singers William Warfield and Leontyne Price are his aunt and nephew respectively. As an international performing artist Thomas has performed across stages, TV screens, film screens as a singer/dancer/choreographer/composer/choreographer/composer/chorographer/director/producers as an international performing artist who has performed across 100 cities worldwide as singer/dancer/dancer/choreographer/director/producers educator activists activist poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet poet!

He has also taught ballet, jazz and African-based dance around the world as well as classes on improvisation, piano, voice, English poetry antiracism self-esteem and compassion development.

He currently serves as senior lecturer and dance director at Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Additionally, PeaceArt International dance company provides social awareness through their dance performances.

Net Worth

Thomas Warfield has an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion. As an artist, philanthropist, and social activist who has performed as a singer-dancer-actor-model-composer-choreographer-director-producer-educator-poet on stages and film sets around the world.

Former dance critic for Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Mr. White serves on several advisory boards of City of Rochester’s Arts Commission, YWCA Diversity Committee, Eastman School of Music Action Committee for Racial Justice as well as co-chair of Rochester Fringe Festival. Furthermore, he was one of the founding members and presidents emeritus of MuCCC Theatre as well as founder/president emeritus of William Warfield Scholarship Fund.

His family is his pride and joy, and he cherishes every moment spent with Margaret Condon – they have been married 74 years!

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